Cosmetic Set Items

Anointed Armor of Ruination

  • Darkstar the Mistforged
  • Netherax, Nightmare of the Mist
  • Mistplates of Ruin
  • Winged Shroud of Ruin
  • Tarnhelm of Ruin

Darkness Wanderer's Armor

  • Hood of the Font Guard
  • Cold Light of the Mist
  • Shoulderplates of Evil Spirit
  • Grudge in the Mist
  • Cloak of the Resentful Spectre

Arsenal of the Demonic Vessel

  • Cloak of the Demonic Vessel
  • Hood of the Demonic Vessel
  • Warhorse of the Demonic Vessel
  • Prey of the Demonic Vessel
  • Blade of the Demonic Vessel

Drowned Horseman

  • Drowned Horseman's Cape
  • Drowned Horseman's Helm
  • Drowned Horseman's Mount
  • Drowned Horseman's Pauldrons
  • Drowned Horseman's Axe and Buckler

Abyssal Vortex

  • Bracer of Abyssal Vortex
  • Helm of Abyssal Vortex
  • Armor of Abyssal Vortex
  • Eidolons of Abyssal Vortex

Acid Hydra

  • Acidic Mandible of the Hydra
  • Acidic Tentacles of the Hydra
  • Acidic Tail of the Hydra
  • Acidic Wings of the Hydra
  • Acidic Ward of the Hydra

Acolyte of Vengeance

  • Acolyte of Vengeance Weapon
  • Acolyte of Vengeance Armor
  • Acolyte of Vengeance Shoulder Guards
  • Acolyte of Vengeance Offhand
  • Acolyte of Vengeance Belt
  • Acolyte of Vengeance Bracers
  • Acolyte of Vengeance Mask

Acolyte of Clasz

  • Headwraps of the Acolyte of Clasz
  • Time-Mace of the Acolyte of Clasz
  • Gauntlets of the Acolyte of Clasz
  • Mantle of the Acolyte of Clasz
  • Girdpiece of the Acolyte of Clasz

Adage of the Smoldering Sage

  • Loading Screen of the Smoldering Sage
  • Belt of the Smoldering Sage
  • Armguards of the Smoldering Sage
  • Mantle of the Smoldering Sage
  • Sword of the Smoldering Sage
  • Off-Hand Sword of the Smoldering Sage
  • Cap of the Smoldering Sage

Adornments of Blight

  • Epaulette of Blight
  • Horns of Blight
  • Shard of Blight
  • Wings of Blight

Affront of the Overseer

  • Affront of the Overseer Loading screen
  • Whip of the Overseer
  • Bracers of the Overseer
  • Belt of the Overseer
  • Cuirass of the Overseer
  • Helm of the Overseer

Agaric Flourish

  • Embrace of the Agaric Flourish
  • Countenance of the Agaric Flourish
  • Stride of the Agaric Flourish
  • Canopy of the Agaric Flourish

Airborne Assault Craft

  • Propellor of the Airborne Assault Craft
  • Turret of the Airborne Assault Craft
  • Gatling Guns of the Airborne Assault Craft
  • Pilot's Hat of the Airborne Assault Craft
  • Homing Missile of the Airborne Assault Craft

Toxic Siege Armor

  • Toxic Siege Bracers
  • Toxic Siege Garb
  • Toxic Siege Corrosive Flasks
  • Toxic Siege Pauldrons
  • Toxic Siege Armored Saddle
  • Toxic Siege Blades
  • Toxic Siege Safety Goggles

Waaagh Big 'Un

  • Waaagh Hatchets of Big 'Un
  • Waaagh Helm of Big 'Un
  • Waaagh Armguards of Big 'Un
  • Waaagh Garb of Little Big 'Un
  • Waaagh Cap of Little Big 'Un
  • Waaagh Flask of Little Big 'Un
  • Waaagh Spaulders of Big 'Un

Alchemy Essentials

  • Assistant's Respirator
  • Assistant's Cutter
  • Assistant's Blades of Scientific Inquiry
  • Experimentalist's Laboratory Essentials
  • Experimentalist's Goggles
  • Experimentalist's Unstable Flask
  • Assistant's Muscle Pump

Algid Falcon

  • Algid Legacy
  • Algid Falcon Bracer
  • Algid Falcon Greaves
  • Algid Falcon Cape
  • Algid Falcon Quiver
  • Algid Falcon Pauldron
  • Algid Falcon Helm

Formed Alloy Set

  • Formed Alloy Apron
  • Formed Alloy Pauldrons
  • Formed Alloy Wristplates
  • Lovebear
  • Formed Alloy Flask
  • Formed Alloy Goggles
  • Formed Alloy Blades

Allure of the Deep

  • Dress of the Allure
  • Naginata of the Allure
  • Naginata of the Allure Off-Hand
  • Tail of the Allure
  • Style of the Allure


  • Amberlight Hood
  • Amberlight Armlets
  • Amberlight Sarong
  • Amberlight Spear
  • Amberlight Shawl

Curse of Ambry

  • Pauldrons of Ambry
  • Belt of Ambry
  • Head of Ambry
  • Claws of Ambry
  • Form of Ambry
  • Wolves of Ambry
  • Heavy Plate of Ambry

Ancestors' Pride

  • Ancestors' Belt
  • Ancestors' Edge
  • Ancestors' Pauldron
  • Ancestors' Vambrace

Ancestral Luck

  • Flaming Scepter of Ancestral Luck
  • Bracer and Band of Ancestral Luck
  • Mantle of Ancestral Luck
  • Belt of Ancestral Luck
  • Masks of Ancestral Luck

Ancestral Trappings

  • Ancestral Headdress
  • Ancestral Cloak
  • Ancestral Arm Wrap
  • Ancestral Dress
  • Ancestral Medicine Stick

Ancient Armor

  • Ancient Armor Arms
  • Ancient Armor Back
  • Ancient Armor Breastplates
  • Ancient Armor Helmet
  • Ancient Armor Shoulder Shields

Ancient Cultist

  • Ancient Link
  • Ancient Bonds
  • Ancient Cage
  • Ancient Crown
  • Ancient Knots

Arms of the Bramble Lord

  • Belt of the Bramble Lord
  • Buckler of the Bramble Lord
  • Lance of the Bramble Lord
  • Spaulder of the Bramble Lord

The Ancient Sovereign

  • Stinger of the Ancient Sovereign
  • Vestigial Wings of the Ancient Sovereign
  • Claw of the Ancient Sovereign
  • Sandworn Visage of the Ancient Sovereign
  • Crawlers of the Ancient Sovereign

The Clergy Ascetic

  • Cloth of the Clergy Ascetic
  • Adornment of the Clergy Ascetic
  • Reprieve of the Clergy Ascetic
  • Guard of the Clergy Ascetic
  • Reprieve of the Clergy Ascetic - Off-Hand
  • Hood of the Clergy Ascetic
  • Bracers of the Clergy Ascetic

Legacy of the Awakened

  • Bracers of the Awakened
  • Gift of the Awakened
  • Leggings of the Awakened
  • Shard of Retribution
  • Shard of Vengeance
  • Shroud of the Awakened
  • Words of the Awakened

The Mage Slayer

  • Armor of the Mage Slayer
  • Collar of the Mage Slayer
  • Skirt of the Mage Slayer
  • Glaive of the Mage Slayer
  • Bracer of the Mage Slayer
  • Glaive of the Mage Slayer - Off-Hand
  • Mask of the Mage Slayer

Nomadic Protector

  • Nomad's Shelter
  • Nomad's Guards
  • Nomad's Barbed Edge
  • Nomad's Edge - Off-Hand
  • Initiate's Cut


  • Shield and Bracelet of the Antipodeans
  • Pauldron and Cloak of the Antipodeans
  • Belt of the Antipodeans
  • Helmet and hood of the Antipodeans
  • Burning scepter of the Antipodeans

Apex Explorer

  • Loading Screen of the Apex Explorer
  • Shoulder of the Apex Explorer
  • Belt of the Apex Explorer
  • Head of the Apex Explorer
  • Verna

Apocalyptic Fire

  • Steel Wings of Apocalyptic Fire
  • Runed Bracers of Apocalyptic Fire
  • Demonhide Girdle of Apocalyptic Fire
  • Steel Horns of Apocalyptic Fire
  • Infernal Pauldrons of Apocalyptic Fire
  • Demon Blade of Apocalyptic Fire
  • Tail Plates of Apocalyptic Fire

Apostle of Decay

  • Vestments of Decay
  • Hood of Decay
  • Mask of Decay
  • Scythe of Decay

The Aqwanderer

  • Aqwanderer Bracers
  • Aqwanderer Carapace
  • Aqwanderer Crown
  • Aqwanderer Neckbrace
  • Aqwanderer Boots


  • Arachnarok Spiderling
  • Crown of the Arachnarok
  • Abdomen of the Arachnarok
  • Arachnarok Loading Screen
  • Legs of the Arachnarok
  • Pedipalps of the Arachnarok

Arc of Manta

  • Arc of Manta - Off-Hand
  • Arc of Manta

Arcane Defiance

  • Hood of Arcane Defiance
  • Cape of Arcane Defiance
  • Mantle of Arcane Defiance
  • Staff of Arcane Defiance

The Arctic Hunter

  • Arctic Hunter's Ice Axe
  • Arctic Hunter's Parka
  • Arctic Hunter's Tusks
  • Arctic Hunter's Hood
  • Arctic Hunter's Snack
  • Arctic Hunter's Glove

Arctic Recluse

  • Wings of the Arctic Recluse
  • Crown of the Arctic Recluse

Aria of the Wild Wind

  • Song of the Wild Wind
  • Style of the Wild Wind
  • Quiver of the Wild Wind
  • Tail of the Wild Wind
  • Capelet of the Wild Wind

Armaments of the Dragon Emperor

  • Gatling Cannon of the Dragon Emperor
  • Emerging Dragon
  • Hat of Fortune

Armaments of Leviathan

  • Admiral's Foraged Cap
  • Admiral's Stash
  • Claddish Gauntlets
  • Claddish Guard
  • Claddish Hightops
  • Neptunian Sabre
  • Admiral's Salty Shawl
  • Ye Olde Pipe

Armaments of the Night Grove

  • Pauldrons of the Night Grove
  • Glaive of the Night Grove
  • Ykmir
  • Style of the Night Grove
  • Shield of the Night Grove

Armature of the Belligerent Ram

  • Armature of the Belligerent Ram Sword
  • Armature of the Belligerent Ram Helm
  • Armature of the Belligerent Ram Glove
  • Armature of the Belligerent Ram Belt
  • Armature of the Belligerent Ram Pauldron
  • Armature of the Belligerent Ram Shoulder

Armor of Eternal Reign

  • Arms of Eternal Reign
  • Cape of Eternal Reign
  • Blade of Eternal Reign
  • Crown of Eternal Reign
  • Shoulder of Eternal Reign

The Roiling Surge

  • Drift of the Roiling Surge
  • Swell of the Roiling Surge
  • Crest of the Roiling Surge
  • Curl of the Roiling Surge
  • Spray of the Roiling Surge

Armor of the Shattered Vanguard

  • Axe of the Shattered Vanguard
  • Helm of the Shattered Vanguard
  • Belt of the Shattered Vanguard
  • Bracers of the Shattered Vanguard
  • Pauldrons of the Shattered Vanguard

Armor of the Stalwart Soul

  • Armguards of the Stalwart
  • Hammer of the Stalwart Soul
  • Coiffure of the Stalwart Soul
  • Plate of the Stalwart Soul
  • Pauldrons of the Stalwart Soul

Armor of the Unyielding Mask

  • Hakama of the Unyielding Mask
  • Bracers of the Unyielding Mask
  • Plate of the Unyielding Mask
  • Guise of the Unyielding Mask
  • Relentless

Armored Exoskeleton

  • Armored Exoskeleton Arms
  • Armored Exoskeleton Back
  • Armored Exoskeleton Wings
  • Armored Exoskeleton Legs

Arms of Retribution

  • Pauldrons of Retribution
  • Gloves of Retribution
  • Wings of Retribution
  • Staff of Retribution
  • Helm of Retribution
  • Belt of Retribution

Arms of Rising Fury

  • Faulds of Rising Fury
  • Pauldrons of Rising Fury
  • Cape of Rising Fury
  • Gauntlets of Rising Fury
  • Helm of Rising Fury
  • Sword of Rising Fury

Arms of the Bogatyr

  • Sleeve of the Bogatyr
  • Barrel of the Bogatyr
  • Planks of the Bogatyr
  • Shield of the Bogatyr
  • Old Helmet of the Bogatyr
  • Cruel Mace of the Bogatyr
  • Rustclaw

Arms of the Captive Princess

  • Robes of the Captive Princess
  • Bindings of the Captive Princess
  • Eternal Jian of Hope
  • Eternal Jian of Fortune
  • Crown of the Captive Princess

Arms of the Onyx Crucible

  • Arms of the Onyx Crucible Helmet
  • Arms of the Onyx Crucible Shoulders
  • Arms of the Onyx Crucible Bracers
  • Arms of the Onyx Crucible War Banners
  • Arms of the Onyx Crucible Blade

Array of Tranquility

  • Braid of Tranquility
  • Bow of Tranquility
  • Cloak of Tranquility
  • Quiver of Tranquility
  • Sentry of Tranquility

Aspect of the Year Beast

  • Armor of the Year Beast
  • Pauldrons of the Year Beast
  • Blade of the Year Beast
  • Locks of the Year Beast
  • Cape of the Year Beast
  • Gauntlets of the Year Beast

Atrocities of the Abyssal Scourge

  • Helm of the Abyssal Scourge
  • Armor of the Abyssal Scourge
  • Blade of the Abyssal Scourge

Attributes of the Foretold

  • Jewel of Futures Foretold
  • The 22 Keys of Anzar-Anzuli'i
  • Staff of Wind and Sand
  • Tinek the Unmastered

Augur's Curse

  • Augur's Armor
  • Augur's Belt
  • Augur's Hair
  • Augur's Skirt
  • Augur's Ghosts

The Berserker's Blood

  • Berserker's Pauldron
  • Berserker's Helm
  • Berserker's Belt

Bloodmist Armor

  • Bloodmist Helm
  • Bloodmist Belt
  • Bloodmist Pauldrons
  • Bloodmist Crescent Axe

The Defiant Axe

  • Pillar of Strength
  • Stone Loins
  • Stone Guard
  • Stone Helmet

Forged in Demons' Blood

  • Demon Blood Helm
  • Demon Blood Armor
  • Demon Blood Guard
  • Blood Chaser

The Axecutioner

  • Executioner's Axe
  • Executioner's Cape
  • Executioner's Trophies
  • Executioner's Hood

The Forgemaster's Tools

  • Forgemaster's Apron
  • Forgemaster's Armlet
  • Forgemaster's Mask
  • Forgemaster's Hammer

Heavy Steel Armor

  • Heavy Steel Shoulder
  • Heavy Steel Belt
  • Heavy Steel Axe
  • Proof of Courage

The Red Conqueror Set

  • Axe of the Red Conqueror
  • Helm of the Red Conqueror
  • Pauldron of the Red Conqueror
  • Tassets of the Red Conqueror

Red Mist Reaper

  • Red Mist Reaper's Belt
  • Red Mist Reaper's Mask
  • Red Mist Reaper's Tattoos
  • Red Mist Reaper's Scythe
  • Red Mist Reaper's Shawl

Armor of the Saberhorn

  • Saberhorn's Helm
  • Saberhorn's Pauldron
  • Saberhorn's Belt
  • Saberhorn's Heavy Chopper

Supreme Black Orc Warboss

  • Supreme Pauldrons of the Warboss
  • Supreme Belt of the Warboss
  • Supreme Mask of the Warboss
  • Supreme Bracers of the Warboss
  • Supreme Axe of the Warboss

Azurite Warden

  • Belt of the Azurite Warden
  • Bracers of the Azurite Warden
  • Helm of the Azurite Warden
  • Horn of the Azurite Warden
  • Halberd of the Azurite Warden

Balance of the Bladekeeper

  • Pantaloons of the Bladekeeper
  • Wargod of the Bladekeeper
  • Sigil Mask of the Bladekeeper
  • Arsenal of the Bladekeeper
  • Blackened Edge of the Bladekeeper
  • Prayer Beads of the Bladekeeper

Baleful Hollow

  • Form of the Baleful Hollow
  • Horns of the Baleful Hollow
  • Blades of the Baleful Hollow
  • Plate of the Baleful Hollow
  • Wings of the Baleful Hollow

Charge of the Baleful Reign

  • Cudgel of the Baleful Reign
  • Shards of the Baleful Reign
  • Guard of the Baleful Reign
  • Perdition
  • War Helm of the Baleful Reign

Heir of Terror

  • Heir of Terror Wings
  • Heir of Terror Belt
  • Heir of Terror Bracers
  • Heir of Terror Crown

Barathrum's Fury

  • Tail of Fury
  • Bracers of Fury
  • Belt of Fury
  • Mask of Fury
  • Pauldrons of Fury
  • Spirit Crusher

Barding of the Soul Keeper

  • Loading Screen of the Soul Keeper
  • Wings of the Soul Keeper
  • Mask of the Soul Keeper
  • Familiar of the Soul Keeper

Bark of the Ageless Witness

  • Arms of the Ageless Witness
  • Head of the Ageless Witness
  • Legs of the Ageless Witness
  • Shoulders of the Ageless Witness

Barren Survivor

  • Mount of the Barren Survivor
  • Arms of the Barren Survivor
  • Head of the Barren Survivor
  • Weapon of the Barren Survivor
  • Shoulder of the Barren Survivor

Barrier Rogue

  • Maul of the Barrier Rogue
  • Cannon Punch of the Barrier Rogue
  • Scar of the Barrier Rogue
  • Pauldron of the Barrier Rogue
  • Sigil of the Barrier Rogue
  • Pack of the Barrier Rogue
  • Broken Tusk of the Barrier Rogue

Basher of Mage Skulls

  • Offhand Basher of Mage Skulls
  • Basher of Mage Skulls

The Battle Caster

  • Vambraces of the Battle Caster
  • Cut of the Battle Caster
  • Pauldrons of the Battle Caster
  • Plates of the Battle Caster

Battle Dress of the Proven

  • Bracers of the Proven
  • Belt of the Proven
  • Armor of the Proven
  • Mohawk of the Proven
  • Tail of the Proven
  • Axe of the Proven
  • Barding of the Proven


  • Battleseeker Arms
  • Battleseeker Belt
  • Battleseeker Helmet
  • Battleseeker Shoulders


  • Battletrap Armor
  • Battletrap Battlehelm
  • Battletrap Bullet Flare
  • Battletrap Battle Cog
  • Battletrap Battlewrench

Beacon of Cerulean Light

  • Rod of Beacon's Light
  • Pauldrons of Cerulean Light
  • Mask of Cerulean Light
  • Girdle of Cerulean Light
  • Span of Cerulean Light
  • Bracers of Cerulean Light

Bearer of the Arkturan Talon

  • Ornaments of the Arkturan Talon
  • Headdress of the Arkturan Talon
  • Belt of the Arkturan Talon
  • Staff of the Arkturan Talon
  • Feathered Mantle of the Arkturan Talon

Bearing of the King Restored

  • Symbol of the King Restored
  • Belt of the King Restored
  • Armlets of the King Restored
  • Markings of the King Restored

Bedrock Serenity

  • Haidate of Bedrock Serenity
  • Bo of Bedrock Serenity
  • Kabuto of Bedrock Serenity
  • Kataginu of Bedrock Serenity

Bestowments of the Divine Anchor

  • Style of the Divine Anchor
  • Medallion of the Divine Anchor
  • Flintlock of the Divine Anchor
  • Epaulets of the Divine Anchor
  • Cyclone Wave Smasher of the Divine Anchor
  • Cuffs of the Divine Anchor
  • Collar of the Divine Anchor
  • Boots of the Divine Anchor

Bewitching Flare

  • Dress of the Bewitching Flare
  • Touch of the Bewitching Flare
  • Corset of the Bewitching Flare
  • Style of the Bewitching Flare

Big 'Un

  • Helm of Big 'Un
  • Armguards of Big 'Un
  • Garb of Little Big 'Un
  • Cap of Little Big 'Un
  • Flask of Little Big 'Un
  • Spaulders of Big 'Un
  • Hatchets of Big 'Un

Bindings of Deep Magma

  • Arms of Deep Magma
  • Belt of Deep Magma
  • Totem of Deep Magma
  • Horns of Deep Magma

Bindings of the Battleranger

  • Bow of the Battleranger
  • Quiver of the Battleranger
  • Style of the Battleranger
  • Cloak of the Battleranger
  • Pauldrons of the Battleranger

Bindings of the Galvanized Spark

  • Mask of the Galvanized Spark
  • Pauldrons of the Galvanized Spark
  • Tuner of the Galvanized Spark
  • Bracers of the Galvanized Spark
  • Striking Steed
  • Hammer of the Galvanized Spark

Bindings of the Trapper

  • Bone Crusher of the Trapper
  • Trophy Belt of the Trapper
  • Eviscerating Claw of the Trapper
  • Hatchet of the Trapper
  • Steel Jaw of the Trapper
  • Hunter's Jacket of the Trapper
  • Gauntlet of the Trapper

Bitterwing Legacy

  • Loading Screen of the Bitterwing Legacy
  • Bitterwing
  • Blade of the Bitterwing Legacy
  • Arms of the Bitterwing Legacy
  • Shield of the Bitterwing Legacy
  • Barding of the Bitterwing Legacy
  • Shoulder of the Bitterwing Legacy
  • Helm of the Bitterwing Legacy

Black Nihility

  • Talons of Black Nihility
  • Strap of Black Nihility
  • Span of Black Nihility
  • Sweep of Black Nihility
  • Crown of Black Nihility

Black Orc Warboss

  • Axe of the Warboss
  • Bracers of the Warboss
  • Mask of the Warboss
  • Belt of the Warboss
  • Pauldrons of the Warboss

Black Wind Raven

  • Hood of the Black Wind Raven
  • Arms of the Black Wind Raven
  • Shoulders of the Black Wind Raven
  • Leggings of the Black Wind Raven
  • Bow of the Black Wind Raven
  • Quiver of the Black Wind Raven
  • Cape of the Black Wind Raven

Arms of the Bladebreaker Order

  • Bladebreaker Hood
  • Bladebreaker Armguards
  • Bladebreaker Spaulders
  • Bladebreaker Brush
  • Bladebreaker Dagger
  • Bladebreaker Dagger - Off-Hand


  • Gloves of the Bladesrunner
  • Shoulders of the Bladesrunner
  • Belt of the Bladesrunner
  • Mask of the Bladesrunner
  • Sword of the Bladesrunner

Blaze Armor

  • Orbs of Blaze Armor
  • Robes of Blaze Armor
  • Pauldrons of Blaze Armor
  • Flaming Hair of Blaze Armor
  • Zhuo - Blade of Blaze Armor
  • Xin - Blade of Blaze Armor

Onyx Fume

  • Crest of the Onyx Fume
  • Curl of the Onyx Fume
  • Wings of the Onyx Fume
  • Sash of the Onyx Fume
  • Whip of the Onyx Fume
  • Shackles of the Onyx Fume
  • Blade of the Onyx Fume

Blazing Oblivion

  • Elder Drake of Blazing Oblivion
  • Helm of Blazing Oblivion
  • Cuirass of Blazing Oblivion
  • Skirt of Blazing Oblivion
  • Blade of Blazing Oblivion
  • Shield of Blazing Oblivion
  • Bracers of Blazing Oblivion

The Blazing Superiority

  • Helmet of the Blazing Superiority
  • Pauldrons of the Blazing Superiority
  • Shield of the Blazing Superiority
  • Skirt of the Blazing Superiority
  • Sword of the Blazing Superiority
  • Vambrace of the Blazing Superiority

Blessing of the Crested Dawn

  • Plates of the Crested Dawn
  • Skirt of the Crested Dawn
  • Virtue of the Crested Dawn
  • Staff of the Crested Dawn
  • Span of the Crested Dawn
  • Emblem of the Crested Dawn

Blessing of the Crested Umbra

  • Umbral Skirt
  • Umbral Virtue
  • Umbral Glaive
  • Umbral Duty

Blessings of Lucentyr

  • Style of the Lucent Rider
  • Guard of the Lucent Rider
  • Lucentyr
  • Epaulets of the Lucent Rider
  • Glaive of the Lucent Rider

Ritual Garb of the Seeker

  • Habit of the Seeker
  • Hlotl-Feather Gloves
  • Hlotl-Tusk Headdress of the Seeker
  • Hlotl-Feather Necklace
  • War Blade
  • War Blade - Off-Hand

Bloodroot Guard

  • Blade of the Bloodroot Guard
  • Belt of the Bloodroot Guard
  • Vest of the Bloodroot Guard
  • Cape of the Bloodroot Guard
  • Helm of the Bloodroot Guard

Ardor of the Scarlet Raven

  • Belt of the Scarlet Raven
  • Gauntlets of the Scarlet Raven
  • Talon of the Scarlet Raven
  • Coat of the Scarlet Raven
  • Hood of the Scarlet Raven
  • Talon of the Scarlet Raven - Off-Hand
  • Necklace of Scarlet Raven

Wrath of the Blood Covenant

  • Wraps of the Blood Covenant
  • Mantle of the Blood Covenant
  • Belt of the Blood Covenant
  • Pads of the Blood Covenant
  • Blade of the Blood Covenant
  • Cowl of the Blood Covenant
  • Blade of the Blood Covenant - Off-Hand

The Bonehunter

  • Bonehunter Bracers
  • Bonehunter Tuskguard
  • Bonehunter Belt
  • Bonehunter Slicer
  • Bonehunter Slicer - Off-Hand
  • Bonehunter Spineguard
  • Bonehunter Skullguard

Bloody Ripper

  • Wraps of the Bloody Ripper
  • Blades of the Bloody Ripper
  • Belt of the Bloody Ripper
  • Mask of the Bloody Ripper

Blueheart Sovereign

  • Staff of the Blueheart Sovereign
  • Cape of the Blueheart Sovereign
  • Bracers of the Blueheart Sovereign
  • Mantle of the Blueheart Sovereign
  • Crown of the Blueheart Sovereign

Bobusang's Traveling Necessities

  • Bobusang's Merchandise
  • Bobusang's Axe
  • Bobusang's Jacket
  • Bobusang's Fist of the Predator Owl
  • Bobusang's Tobacco Fix
  • Bobusang's Sunshade

Boilerplate Bruiser

  • Loading Screen of the Boilerplate Bruiser
  • Armor of the Boilerplate Bruiser
  • Arms of the Boilerplate Bruiser
  • Weapons of the Boilerplate Bruiser
  • Off-Hand of the Boilerplate Bruiser
  • Neck of the Boilerplate Bruiser
  • Coat of the Boilerplate Bruiser
  • Smokestacks of the Boilerplate Bruiser

Spoils of the Bone Ruins

  • Bone Ruin Excavator Pack
  • Key to the Bone Ruins
  • Skull of the Bone Ruins
  • Bandana of the Bone Ruin Bandits

The Bone Scryer

  • Horns of the Bone Scryer
  • Funereal Dress of the Bone Scryer
  • Scarf of the Bone Scryer
  • Decorative Armor of the Bone Scryer

Armor of the Moonlit Thicket

  • Orion
  • Guard of the Moonlit Thicket
  • Pauldrons of the Moonlit Thicket
  • Glaive of the Moonlit Thicket
  • Tiara of the Moonlit Thicket

Giant Hunter

  • Mask of the Giant Hunter
  • Plate of the Giant Hunter
  • Tonfa of the Giant Hunter
  • Tools of the Giant Hunter
  • Shuriken of the Giant Hunter
  • Dagger of the Giant Hunter

Creeper's Cruelty

  • Creeper's Cruel Painsaw
  • Creeper's Cruel Hook
  • Creeper's Cruel Shuriken

The Crimson Cut-throat

  • Mask of the Crimson Cut-throat
  • Guard of the Crimson Cut-throat
  • Mancatcher of the Crimson Cut-throat
  • Pads of the Crimson Cut-throat
  • Shuriken of the Crimson Cut-throat
  • Blade of the Crimson Cut-throat

The Hardened Hunter

  • Hardened Hunter's Armor
  • Hardened Hunter's Mask
  • Shuriken of the Reaper
  • Bladed-Staff of the Reaper
  • Makeshift Sword of the Reaper

The Master Assassin

  • Master Assassin's Shuriken
  • Master Assassin's Shoulders
  • Master Assassin's Mask
  • Master Assassin's Mancatcher
  • Master Assassin's Grim Cutter
  • Master Assassin's Tails

Trappings of the Pangolin Guild

  • Shuriken of the Hidden Hunter
  • Harvester of the Hidden Hunter
  • Cleaver of the Hidden Hunter
  • Pangolin Carapace
  • Pangolin Scarf
  • Pangolin Shoulder Armor

Black Blades of the Qaldin Assassin

  • Qaldin Assassin's Dagger
  • Qaldin Assassin's Slicer
  • Qaldin Assassin's Glaive

Hunter of the Blood Stained Sands

  • Pack of the Blood Stained Sands
  • Pads of the Blood Stained Sands
  • Cowl of the Blood Stained Sands
  • Blade of the Blood Stained Sands
  • Shuriken of the Blood Stained Sands
  • Pike of the Blood Stained Sands

The Second Disciple

  • Second Disciple's Bastion
  • Second Disciple's Veil
  • Second Disciple's Dagger
  • Second Disciple's Chakram
  • Second Disciple's Blade
  • Second Disciple's Satchel

Brawler of the Glacier Sea

  • Coat of the Glacier Sea
  • Rudder of the Glacier Sea
  • Hook of the Glacier Sea
  • Anchor of the Glacier Sea
  • Tusks of the Glacier Sea
  • Cap of the Glacier Sea
  • Frozen Sigil of the Glacier Sea

Heavy Barbed Armor

  • Heavy Barbed Arms
  • Heavy Barbed Back
  • Heavy Barbed Head
  • Heavy Barbed Collar
  • Heavy Barbed Morning Star

Broken Scale

  • Blade of Broken Scale
  • Bracers of Broken Scale
  • Belt of Broken Scale
  • Helm of Broken Scale
  • Armor of Broken Scale
  • Offhand Blade of Broken Scale
  • Wraps of Broken Scale

The Brood Queen

  • Legs of the Brood Queen
  • Crown of the Brood Queen
  • Bladed Abdomen of the Brood Queen

Amber Queen

  • Amber Queen's Spiderling
  • Abdomen of the Amber Queen
  • Legs of the Amber Queen
  • Fangs of the Amber Queen
  • Carapace of the Amber Queen

Ancient Arachnarok

  • Ancient Abdomen of the Arachnarok
  • Ancient Arachnarok Spiderling
  • Ancient Crown of the Arachnarok
  • Ancient Pedipalps of the Arachnarok
  • Ancient Legs of the Arachnarok

Steelweb of Pytheos

  • Steelweb Shell
  • Steelweb Cuirass
  • Steelweb Countenance
  • Steelweb Sheaths

Virulent Matriarch

  • Virulent Matriarch's Back
  • Virulent Matriarch's Head
  • Virulent Matriarch's Legs
  • Virulent Matriarch's Boils
  • Virulent Matriarch's Spiderling

Web of Thorns

  • Thorned Abdomen of Malice
  • Thorned Skitterers of Despite

Webs of Perception

  • Perceptive Spiderling
  • Abdomen of Perception
  • Crown of Perception
  • Legs of Perception

Spoils from the Shifting Sorcerer

  • Pauldrons of the Shifting Sorcerer
  • Bracers of the Shifting Sorcerer
  • Crest of the Shifting Sorcerer
  • Wrap of the Shifting Sorcerer
  • Hatchet of the Shifting Sorcerer
  • Hatchet of the Shifting Sorcerer - Offhand

Burning Jack Bomber

  • Cap of the Jack Bomber
  • Queen of the Jack Bomber
  • Burning Jacks
  • Cloak of the Jack Bomber

Butcher's Wake

  • Girdle of the Butcher's Wake
  • Mancatcher of the Butcher's Wake
  • Pauldron of the Butcher's Wake
  • Battleaxe of the Butcher's Wake
  • Arsenal of the Butcher's Wake
  • Visor of the Butcher's Wake
  • Guard of the Butcher's Wake

The Butcher's Broilers

  • Broiler's Cleaver
  • Broiler's Hook

Cadenza Magic Master

  • Belt of Cadenza Magic Master
  • Bracers of Cadenza Magic Master
  • Cape of Cadenza Magic Master
  • Hair of Cadenza Magic Master
  • Shoulders of Cadenza Magic Master
  • Loyal Slave of Cadenza Magic Master

Caustic Steel

  • Ogre's Caustic Steel Blinders
  • Ogre's Caustic Steel Bracers
  • Ogre's Caustic Steel Choppers
  • Young Alchemist's Knot
  • Young Alchemist's Protection

Eternal Chaos Chosen

  • Eternal Tail of the Chaos Chosen
  • Eternal Armor of the Chaos Chosen
  • Eternal Helm of the Chaos Chosen
  • Eternal Belt of the Chaos Chosen
  • Eternal Axe of the Chaos Chosen
  • Eternal Barding of the Chaos Chosen
  • Eternal Bracers of the Chaos Chosen

Ceremonial Carapace of Qaldin

  • Ceremonial Thorax of Qaldin
  • Ceremonial Crawlers of Qaldin
  • Ceremonial Claws of Qaldin
  • Ceremonial Stinger of Qaldin
  • Ceremonial Pshent of Qaldin

Chained Mistress

  • Chained Beauty
  • Chained Wings
  • Chained Spur
  • Chained Guard

Chained Slayers

  • Chained Snatcher
  • Chained Chopper

Chains of the Black Death

  • Crazed Tassels of the Black Death
  • Wrist Shackles of the Black Death
  • Axe of the Black Death Executioner
  • Cuff Hook of the Black Death
  • Execution Headclamp of the Black Death
  • Shoulder of the Black Death
  • Ball-n-Chains of the Black Death

Champion of Discord

  • Helm of Discord
  • Discordia
  • Armlet of Discord
  • Pauldrons of Discord
  • Blade of Discord

Champion of Nurgle

  • Cleaver of the Nurgle Champion
  • Shoulder of the Nurgle Champion
  • Hatchet of the Nurgle Champion
  • Helm of the Nurgle Champion
  • Orifice of the Nurgle Champion
  • Bracers of the Nurgle Champion
  • Belt of the Nurgle Champion

Chaos Chosen

  • Bracers of the Chaos Chosen
  • Barding of the Chaos Chosen
  • Axe of the Chaos Chosen
  • Belt of the Chaos Chosen
  • Helm of the Chaos Chosen
  • Armor of the Chaos Chosen
  • Tail of the Chaos Chosen

Burning Nightmare

  • Flail of the Burning Nightmare
  • Pauldrons of the Burning Nightmare
  • Shield of the Burning Nightmare
  • Mount of the Burning Nightmare
  • Helm of the Burning Nightmare
  • Burning Nightmare Loading Screen

Arms of Burning Turmoil

  • Blade of Burning Turmoil
  • Horns of Burning Turmoil
  • Enmity
  • Shield of Burning Turmoil
  • Mantle of Burning Turmoil

Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror

  • Spaulders of the Dark Conqueror
  • Shield of the Dark Conqueror
  • Steed of the Dark Conqueror
  • Helm of the Dark Conqueror
  • Axe of the Dark Conqueror

Chaos Legion

  • Chaos Legion Weapon
  • Chaos Legion Mount
  • Chaos Legion Drapes
  • Chaos Legion Helm
  • Chaos Legion Shield

Chaos of the Infernal Maw

  • Hood of the Infernal Maw
  • Bracers of the Infernal Maw
  • Garment of the Infernal Maw
  • Pauldrons of the Infernal Maw
  • Staff of the Infernal Maw
  • Book of the Infernal Maw
  • Lantern of the Infernal Maw
  • Servant of the Infernal Maw

Charge of the Tundra Warden

  • Gauntlets of the Tundra Warden
  • Tails of the Tundra Warden
  • Guard of the Tundra Warden
  • Crown of the Tundra Warden
  • North Star

Charge of the Wrathrunner

  • Helm of the Wrathrunner
  • Spikes of the Wrathrunner
  • Armlet of the Wrathrunner
  • Mace of the Wrathrunner
  • Shield of the Wrathrunner

Chieftain of the Warstomp Clan

  • Axe of the Warstomp Clan
  • Bracers of the Warstomp Clan
  • Shields of the Warstomp Clan
  • Helm of the Warstomp Clan
  • Belt of the Warstomp Clan
  • Tail of the Warstomp Clan
  • Armor of the Warstomp Clan

Chimera's Rage

  • Vest of the Chimera's Rage
  • Crown of the Chimera's Rage
  • Gauntlet of the Chimera's Rage
  • Bite of the Chimera's Rage
  • Tassets of the Chimera's Rage

Raiment of the Chiseled Guard

  • Armblade of the Chiseled Guard
  • Greathelm of the Chiseled Guard
  • Blade of the Chiseled Guard
  • Pauldron of the Chiseled Guard
  • Tassets of the Chiseled Guard

Chitinous Stalker

  • Tail of the Chitinous Stalker
  • Oculi of the Chitinous Stalker
  • Pincers of the Chitinous Stalker
  • Armor of the Chitinous Stalker

Chosen Larva Set

  • Carapace of the Chosen Larva
  • Helmet of the Chosen Larva
  • Stinger of the Chosen Larva
  • Pincers of the Chosen Larva

Cicatrix Regalia

  • Helm of Cicatrix Regalia
  • Guard of Cicatrix Regalia
  • Claws of Cicatrix Regalia
  • Armor of Cicatrix Regalia

Embers of Entropy

  • Ataxia
  • Blade of Endless Havoc
  • Helmet of Endless Havoc
  • Shield of Endless Havoc
  • Mantle of Endless Havoc

Entropic Battlegear of the Warrider

  • Entropic Shield
  • Entropic Axe
  • Entropic Shoulderpads
  • Entropic Helmet

Clandestine Trail

  • Style of the Clandestine Trail
  • Halter of the Clandestine Trail
  • Plume of the Clandestine Trail

Tools of the Lost Hills

  • Lost Hills Shield
  • Lost Hills Bow
  • Lost Hills Gauntlets
  • Lost Hills Shoulder
  • Lost Hills Helm

The Demonic Vandal

  • Shredder of the Vandal
  • Skeletal Claw of the Vandal
  • Torn Guard of the Vandal
  • Dark Quiver of the Vandal
  • Demon Guise of the Vandal

Cloak of the Fallen

  • Hood of the Fallen Cloak
  • Bow of the Fallen Cloak
  • Gloves of the Fallen Cloak
  • Shoulders of the Fallen Cloak
  • Quiver of the Fallen Cloak

Clock Master

  • Clock Master's Helmet
  • Clock Master's Hook
  • Clock Master's Power Cogs
  • Clock Master's Bunker Rocket
  • Clock Master's Survival Gear

Artisan of Havoc

  • Artisan of Havoc Helmet
  • Artisan of Havoc Armor
  • Artisan of Havoc Hook
  • Artisan of Havoc Rocket

Mortar Forge

  • Mortar Forge Claw
  • Mortar Forge Helm
  • Mortar Forge Rocket Cannon
  • Mortar Forge Steam Exoskeleton

Heart of the North

  • Arctic Bracers of the North
  • Frostbitten Cloak of the North
  • Ice Capped Hood of the North
  • Wizardry Staff of the North
  • Shoulders of the North

Combine of the Loomkeeper

  • Abdomen of the Loomkeeper
  • Legs of the Loomkeeper
  • Claws of the Loomkeeper
  • Thorax of the Loomkeeper
  • Antennae of the Loomkeeper

Commander of the Dragon Guard

  • Plume of the Dragon Guard
  • Scales of the Dragon Guard
  • Armlet of the Dragon Guard
  • Twin Banner of the Dragon Guard
  • Grand Voulge of the Dragon Guard

Compact of the Guardian Construct

  • Whip of the Guardian Construct
  • Bracers of the Guardian Construct
  • Skirt of the Guardian Construct
  • Helm of the Guardian Construct
  • Chestplate of the Guardian Construct

Compendium Arms of the Onyx Crucible

  • Compendium Arms of the Onyx Crucible Blade
  • Compendium Arms of the Onyx Crucible War Banners
  • Compendium Arms of the Onyx Crucible Helmet
  • Compendium Arms of the Onyx Crucible Shoulders
  • Compendium Arms of the Onyx Crucible Bracers

Compendium Bindings of the Trapper

  • Compendium Trophy Belt of the Trapper
  • Compendium Hunter's Jacket of the Trapper
  • Compendium Eviscerating Claw of the Trapper
  • Compendium Gauntlet of the Trapper
  • Compendium Bone Crusher of the Trapper
  • Compendium Gold Jaw of the Trapper
  • Compendium Hatchet of the Trapper

Compendium Bloody Ripper

  • Compendium Mask of the Bloody Ripper
  • Compendium Belt of the Bloody Ripper
  • Compendium Blades of the Bloody Ripper
  • Compendium Wraps of the Bloody Ripper

Compendium Rider of Avarice

  • Compendium Rider of Avarice Sword
  • Compendium Rider of Avarice Shoulders
  • Compendium Rider of Avarice Mount
  • Compendium Rider of Avarice Helmet
  • Compendium Rider of Avarice Cape

Compendium Scorched Fletcher

  • Compendium Scorched Fletcher Quiver
  • Compendium Scorched Fletcher Helm
  • Compendium Scorched Fletcher Gloves
  • Compendium Scorched Fletcher Bow
  • Compendium Scorched Fletcher Pauldrons

Compendium Umbra Rider

  • Compendium Umbra Rider Shield
  • Compendium Umbra Rider Hair
  • Compendium Umbra Rider Mount
  • Compendium Umbra Rider Shoulders
  • Compendium Umbra Rider Weapon

Concealed Raven

  • Mantle of the Concealed Raven
  • Hood of the Concealed Raven
  • Feathers of the Concealed Raven

The Conquering Tyrant

  • Spiked Pauldrons of the Conquering Tyrant
  • Barding of the Conquering Tyrant
  • Belt of the Conquering Tyrant
  • Bracers of the Conquering Tyrant
  • Braided Tail of the Conquering Tyrant
  • Brutal Crescent of the Conquering Tyrant
  • Death Mask of the Conquering Tyrant

The Convicts' Trophies

  • Spiked Shoulder of the Convicts
  • Gauntlets of the Convicts
  • Mohawk of the Convicts
  • Helmet of the Convicts
  • Flask of the Convicts
  • Suit of the Convicts
  • Kopesh of the Convicts

Corridan Maestro

  • Rose of the Corridan Maestro
  • Feathered Hat of the Corridan Maestro
  • Garb of the Corridan Maestro


  • Dagger of Corruption
  • Armor of Corruption
  • Shuriken of Corruption
  • Mask of Corruption
  • Pike of Corruption

Corruption of the Virulent Krait

  • Watcher of the Virulent Krait
  • Spitters of the Virulent Krait
  • Spines of the Virulent Krait
  • Jaws of the Virulent Krait
  • Tail of the Virulent Krait
  • Corruption of the Virulent Krait Loading Screen

Covenant of the Depths

  • Covenant of the Depths Spirit
  • Covenant of the Depths Robes
  • Covenant of the Depths Bracers
  • Covenant of the Depths Mask
  • Covenant of the Depths Belt
  • Covenant of the Depths Loading Screen
  • Covenant of the Depths Mantle

Covert Saboteur

  • Off-Hand Blade of the Covert Saboteur
  • Cuffs of the Covert Saboteur
  • Spaulder of the Covert Saboteur
  • Helm of the Covert Saboteur
  • Blade of the Covert Saboteur
  • Whip of the Covert Saboteur

Creeping Shadow

  • Cape of the Creeping Shadow
  • Blade of the Creeping Shadow
  • Belt of the Creeping Shadow
  • Hood of the Creeping Shadow
  • Shawl of the Creeping Shadow


  • Crescent Quiver
  • Crescent Skirt
  • Crescent Bow
  • Crescent Bracers
  • Crescent Style
  • Crescent Shoulder
  • Seleni

Crimson Beast

  • Totem of the Crimson Beast
  • Bracers of the Crimson Beast
  • Belt of the Crimson Beast
  • Mask of the Crimson Beast

Crown of Hells

  • Hell at Arms
  • The Burning Banner
  • Belt of All Hells
  • Crown of Gore
  • Tail of Defilement
  • Blade of Soul Hunger
  • Shoulders of Damnation

Crucible of Light

  • The Crucible of Light Staff
  • Crucible of Light's Robes
  • Crucible of Light's Vestiments
  • Tendrillar

Cryogenic Embrace

  • Belt of the Cryogenic Embrace
  • Back of the Cryogenic Embrace
  • Arms of the Cryogenic Embrace
  • Helmet of the Cryogenic Embrace

Crypt Guardian

  • Demon Quiver of the Crypt Guardian
  • Bow of the Crypt Guardian
  • Gauntlets of the Crypt Guardian
  • Horns of the Crypt Guardian
  • Pauldrons of the Crypt Guardian

Lady of the Lumini Polare

  • Sleeves of the Lumini Polare
  • Shawl of the Lumini Polare
  • Staff of the Lumini Polare
  • Style of the Lumini Polare
  • Cape of the Lumini Polare

Glacial Duster Set

  • Cape of the Glacier Duster
  • Staff of the Glacier Duster
  • Style of the Glacier Duster
  • Shawl of the Glacier Duster
  • Wraps of the Glacier Duster

Crystal Scavenger

  • Crystal Scavenger's Transducing Contraption
  • Crystal Scavenger's Digging Gloves
  • Crystal Scavenger's Galvanic Mining Headware
  • Crystal Scavenger's Reinforced Pads
  • Crystal Scavenger's Augmented Mace

Regalia of the Crystalline Queen

  • Staff of the Crystalline Queen
  • Cape of the Crystalline Queen
  • Mantle of the Crystalline Queen
  • Bracers of the Crystalline Queen
  • Tiara of the Crystalline Queen

Cunning Corsair

  • Hat of the Cunning Corsair
  • Cuffs of the Cunning Corsair
  • Shoulder Pads of the Cunning Corsair
  • Tail of the Cunning Corsair
  • Hook of the Cunning Corsair
  • Dagger of the Cunning Corsair

Curious Coldspell

  • Crown of Curious Coldspell
  • Tail of Curious Coldspell
  • Wings of Curious Coldspell

Cursed Zealot

  • Cursed Zealot Visage
  • Cursed Zealot Carapace
  • Cursed Zealot Tail
  • Cursed Zealot Claws

The Custom of Karroch

  • Ancestral Axes of Karroch
  • Ancestral Belt of Karroch
  • Ancestral Bracers of Karroch
  • Ancestral Hair of Karroch
  • Ancestral Vest of Karroch

Cyclopean Marauder

  • Beacon of the Cyclopean Marauder
  • Fauld of the Cyclopean Marauder
  • Greatsword of the Cyclopean Marauder
  • Pauldron of the Cyclopean Marauder
  • Gauntlet of the Cyclopean Marauder
  • Gaze of the Cyclopean Marauder

Daemon Prince of Khorne

  • Horns of the Daemon Prince
  • Wings of the Daemon Prince
  • Hellblade of the Daemon Prince
  • Pauldrons of the Daemon Prince
  • Bracers of the Daemon Prince
  • Ornate Belt of the Daemon Prince
  • Tail of the Daemon Prince

Dame de Carreau

  • Carreau's Honor
  • Carreau's Agony
  • Carreau's Tradition
  • Carreau's Etiquette
  • Carreau's Deception

Dancer of the Spiteful Eye

  • Shade of the Spiteful Eye
  • Glimpse of the Spiteful Eye
  • Mantle of the Spiteful Eye
  • Sigil of the Spiteful Eye
  • Baton of the Spiteful Eye
  • Off-Hand Baton of the Spiteful Eye

Dark Angel

  • Shoulders of the Dark Angel
  • Wings of the Dark Angel
  • Horns of the Dark Angel
  • Dagger of the Dark Angel

Dark Moon Stalker

  • Glaive of the Dark Moon Stalker
  • Shoulders of the Dark Moon Stalker
  • Shield of the Dark Moon Stalker
  • Tigress of the Dark Moon Stalker
  • Helm of the Dark Moon Stalker

Dark Reef Escape

  • Prison Buckler
  • Prison Shank
  • Shark Cowl
  • Bound Shark Flippers
  • Shark Fin Cape

Dark Reservoir

  • Blade of the Dark Reservoir
  • Shoulder of the Dark Reservoir
  • Cloak of the Dark Reservoir
  • Armor of the Dark Reservoir
  • Arms of the Dark Reservoir
  • Helm of the Dark Reservoir

Dark Ruin Set

  • Dark Ruin Helm
  • Dark Ruin Gaze
  • Dark Ruin Mantle
  • Dark Ruin Crusher
  • Hellstrider

Forgotten Tactician

  • Harness of the Forgotten Tactician
  • Belt of the Forgotten Tactician
  • Collar of the Forgotten Tactician
  • Bracers of the Forgotten Tactician
  • Hood of the Forgotten Tactician

Dark Wraith

  • Cloak of the Dark Wraith
  • Girdle of the Dark Wraith
  • Helm of the Dark Wraith
  • Guard of the Dark Wraith
  • Blade of the Dark Wraith

Darkbrew Enforcer

  • Loading Screen of the Darkbrew Enforcer
  • Top Hat of the Darkbrew Enforcer
  • Suit of the Darkbrew Enforcer
  • Shotgun Sling of the Darkbrew Enforcer
  • Garb of the Darkbrew Enforcer
  • Shotgun Blade of the Darkbrew Enforcer
  • Molotov Cocktail of the Darkbrew Enforcer
  • Armguards of the Darkbrew Enforcer

Darkfall Warden

  • Darkfall Warden Pauldrons
  • Darkfall Warden Skirt
  • Darkfall Warden Bow
  • Darkfall Warden Bracers
  • Darkfall Warden Quiver
  • Darkfall Warden Hair
  • Darkfall

Imperial Relics

  • Greaves of the Imperial Relics
  • Crown of the Imperial Relics
  • Wraps of the Imperial Relics
  • Totems of the Imperial Relics
  • Pauldrons of the Imperial Relics

The Seers Command

  • Armlets of Command
  • Ring of Command
  • Waistguard of Command
  • Collar of Command

Dawn of the Moon

  • Dawn of the Moon Bow
  • Dawn of the Moon Quiver
  • Dawn of the Moon Skirt
  • Beast of the Moon
  • Dawn of the Moon Bracers
  • Dawn of the Moon Pauldrons
  • Dawn of the Moon Crown

Rite of the Acolyte Priest

  • Acolyte Priest's Guard
  • Acolyte Priest's Robes
  • Acolyte Priest's Headdress
  • Acolyte Priest's Fur
  • The Acolyte Priest's Bonesaw

Darkclaw Emissary

  • Darkclaw Emissary Cowl
  • Darkclaw Emissary Cloak
  • Darkclaw Emissary Dress
  • Darkclaw Emissary Arms
  • Darkclaw Emissary Staff

The Dead Reborn

  • Bracers of the Dead Reborn
  • Blade of the Dead Reborn
  • Crown of the Dead Reborn
  • Shoulder of the Dead Reborn
  • Cape of the Dead Reborn

Dead Winter

  • Dead Winter Mantle
  • Dead Winter Soul
  • Dead Winter Sash
  • Dead Winter Grasp

The Deadly Nightshade

  • Scarf of the Deadly Nightshade
  • Headpiece of the Deadly Nightshade
  • Garb of the Deadly Nightshade

The Corpse Maiden

  • Dress of the Corpse Maiden
  • Wicked Collar of the Corpse Maiden
  • Ghastly Scarf of the Corpse Maiden

Mothbinder's Omen

  • Hood of the Mothbinder
  • Skirt of the Mothbinder
  • Bracelets of the Mothbinder

Relics of the Putrid Pontiff

  • Scythe of Twin Deaths
  • Reliquary of Rotting Doom
  • Beard of Weeping Scorn
  • Pretiosa of Putrescense

Regalia of the Mortal Coil

  • Coronet of the Mortal Coil
  • Cinch of the Mortal Coil
  • Gown of the Mortal Coil
  • Corset of the Mortal Coil

Witch of the Outlands

  • Outland Witch's Horns
  • Outland Witch's Necklace
  • Outland Witch's Hem
  • Outland Witch's Sash
  • Outland Witch's Tatters
  • Outland Witch's Spirits

Debts of the Nightwatchman

  • Lantern of the Nightwatch
  • Cape of the Nightwatch
  • Hat of the Nightwatch
  • Nightwatch Keys to the City
  • Gauntlets of the Nightwatch

Deep Sea Scoundrel

  • Hook of the Scoundrel
  • Tattered Cloak of the Scoundrel
  • Descaler of the Scoundrel
  • Jaw of the Scoundrel
  • Mask of the Scoundrel

Deep Warden's Haul

  • Deep Warden's Conch Pauldron
  • Deep Warden's Tooth Bracer
  • Deep Warden's Darkray Cape
  • Deep Warden's Seized Hood
  • Deep Warden's Prized Scimitar

Deepweed Drowner

  • Arm Fins of the Deepweed Drowner
  • Back Fins of the Deepweed Drowner
  • Belt of the Deepweed Drowner
  • Head Fins of the Deepweed Drowner
  • Reefcutter
  • Wrecking Ball

Defender of Matriarch

  • Defender's Bracers
  • Defender's Armor
  • Defender's Helmet
  • Defender's Horn
  • Defender's Shanker

Delicacies of Butchery

  • Braid of Delicacies of Butchery
  • Cleaver of Delicacies of Butchery
  • Emblazoned Arm of Delicacies of Butchery
  • Hook of Delicacies of Butchery
  • Shoulder Block of Delicacies of Butchery
  • Belt of Delicacies of Butchery
  • Face of Delicacies of Butchery

The Desert Gale

  • Desert Gale Arms
  • Desert Gale Helmet
  • Desert Gale Moustache
  • Desert Gale Shoulder Plate
  • Desert Gale Fouchard
  • Desert Gale Mount

Arms of the Penitent Nomad

  • Armguards of the Penitent Nomad
  • Shoulderguards of the Penitent Nomad
  • Turban of the Penitent Nomad
  • Commanding Rod of the Penitent Nomad
  • Locuthi Mount of the Penitent Nomad

Deviant Metamorphosis

  • Deviant Shell
  • Deviant Tibia
  • Deviant Casque
  • Deviant Carapace

Diabolical Fiend

  • Arms of the Diabolical Fiend
  • Horns of the Diabolical Fiend
  • Armor of the Diabolical Fiend

Dirgeful Overlord

  • Armor of the Dirgeful Overlord
  • Crown of the Dirgeful Overlord
  • Bracers of the Dirgeful Overlord

Rider of the Storm

  • Stormthrasher
  • Aegis of the Storm
  • Rampant the Scaled Hunter
  • Storm Rider's Sight
  • Storm Rider's Bracer
  • Storm Rider's Deflector

Warlord Skarsnik and Gobbla

  • Prodder of Warlord Skarsnik
  • Bracers of Warlord Skarsnik
  • Arc of Warlord Skarsnik
  • Headdress of Warlord Skarsnik
  • Shoulders of Warlord Skarsnik
  • Warlord's Gobbla

Hunter in Distant Sands

  • Mask of Distant Sands
  • Armor of Distant Sands
  • Shuriken of Distant Sands
  • Long Blade of Distant Sands
  • Short Blade of Distant Sands

Djinn Slayer

  • Djinn Slayer Armor
  • Djinn Slayer Hook Staff
  • Djinn Slayer Shuriken
  • Djinn Slayer Scarf
  • Djinn Slayer Dagger
  • Djinn Slayer Backpack

Eternal Daemon Prince of Khorne

  • Eternal Pauldrons of the Daemon Prince
  • Eternal Horns of the Daemon Prince
  • Eternal Ornate Belt of the Daemon Prince
  • Loading Screen of the Daemon Prince
  • Eternal Wings of the Daemon Prince
  • Eternal Bracers of the Daemon Prince
  • Eternal Tail of the Daemon Prince
  • Eternal Hellblade of the Daemon Prince

Impending Transgressions

  • Wings of Impending Transgressions
  • Sword of Impending Transgressions
  • Bracers of Impending Transgressions
  • Tail of Impending Transgressions
  • Pauldrons of Impending Transgressions
  • Tassets of Impending Transgressions
  • Helm of Impending Transgressions


  • Dosa Arms
  • Dosa Back
  • Dosa Hat
  • Dosa Shoulders
  • Dosa Tail
  • Dosa Staff

Enchanted Plate of the Crimson Wyvern

  • Crimson Wyvern Skirt
  • Crimson Wyvern Shield
  • Crimson Wyvern Shoulders
  • Crimson Wyvern Bracers
  • Crimson Wyvern Sword
  • Crimson Wyvern Helm

Armor of Sir Davion

  • Light Cape of Sir Davion
  • Slayer-Sword of Sir Davion
  • Enameled Shield of Sir Davion
  • Dragonbone Helm of Sir Davion
  • Pauldrons of Sir Davion
  • Bracers of Sir Davion

Fire-Blessed Mail of the Drake

  • Bracers of the Drake
  • Cape of the Drake
  • Armor of the Drake
  • Helmet of the Drake
  • Shield of the Drake
  • Sword of the Drake

Bones of the Slain Dragon

  • Shoulders of the Slain Dragon
  • Vambraces of the Slain Dragon
  • Edge of the Slain Dragon
  • Helm of the Slain Dragon

Uldorak's Hide

  • Wyrm Shield of Uldorak
  • Wyrm Helm of Uldorak
  • Wyrm Skirt of Uldorak
  • Dragonmaw
  • Wyrm Pauldrons of Uldorak
  • Wyrm Bracers of Uldorak


  • Gauntlets of the Dragonfire
  • Drapes of the Dragonfire
  • Braids of the Dragonfire
  • Sash of the Dragonfire

Dragon's Ascension

  • Sword of Ascension
  • Drapes of Ascension
  • Shield of Ascension
  • Gauntlets of Ascension
  • Pauldrons of Ascension
  • Helm of Ascension


  • Dragonterror Cape
  • Dragonterror Armor
  • Dragonterror Belt
  • Dragonterror Helmet
  • Dragonterror Sword

Dread of the Gleaming Seal Set

  • Belt of the Gleaming Seal
  • Cape of the Gleaming Seal
  • Brooch of the Gleaming Seal
  • Ornaments of the Gleaming Seal
  • Gleaming Seal

Dreadhawk Armor

  • Dreadhawk Blade
  • Dreadhawk Leggings
  • Dreadhawk Harness
  • Dreadhawk Headdress

Remains of the Dreadknight

  • Dreadknight Gauntlet
  • Dreadknight Cloak
  • Dreadknight Pauldron
  • Dreadknight Blade
  • Dreadknight Crown

The Boreal Watch

  • Gauntlets of the Boreal Watch
  • Legplates of the Boreal Watch
  • Longbow of the Boreal Watch
  • Cowl of the Boreal Watch
  • Pauldrons of the Boreal Watch
  • Quiver of the Boreal Watch
  • Cloak of the Boreal Watch

Death Shadow

  • Death Shadow Bracers
  • Death Shadow Bow
  • Death Shadow Mantle
  • Death Shadow Quiver
  • Death Shadow Boots
  • Death Shadow Cowl
  • Death Shadow Cape

Spikes of Frost

  • Ice Burst Bow
  • Ice Burst Bracers
  • Ice Burst Greaves
  • Ice Burst Cloak
  • Frost Spikes

Gifts of the Shadowcat

  • Paws of the Shadowcat
  • Pelt of the Shadowcat
  • Gaiters of the Shadowcat
  • Quiver of the Shadowcat
  • Furstole of the Shadowcat
  • Bow of the Shadowcat
  • Trophy of the Shadowcat

Sylvan Guard's Finery

  • Sylvan Guard's Boots
  • Sylvan Guard's Bow
  • Sylvan Guard's Cape
  • Sylvan Guard's Hair
  • Sylvan Guard's Quiver
  • Sylvan Guard's Cuffs
  • Sylvan Guard's Dress Armor

The Frostborne Wayfarer

  • Coat of the Frostborne Wayfarer
  • Bow of the Frostborne Wayfarer
  • Bracers of the Frostborne Wayfarer
  • Quiver of the Frostborne Wayfarer
  • Boots of the Frostborne Wayfarer
  • Cape of the Frostborne Wayfarer
  • Headband of the Frostborne Wayfarer

Guise of the Winged Bolt

  • Bracers of the Winged Bolt
  • Quiver of the Winged Bolt
  • Mask of the Winged Bolt
  • Cape of the Winged Bolt
  • Bow of the Winged Bolt
  • Boots of the Winged Bolt
  • Guards of the Winged Bolt

Relics of the Drowning Trench

  • Belt of the Drowning Trench
  • Grip of the Drowning Trench
  • Carapace of the Drowning Trench
  • Headshell of the Drowning Trench
  • Leashed Rockshark
  • Aquemerald Blade

The Drunken Warlord

  • Guard of the Drunken Warlord
  • Mailed Skirt of the Drunken Warlord
  • Wraps of the Drunken Warlord
  • Words of the Drunken Warlord
  • Battlejug of the the Drunken Warlord

Dusklight Marauder

  • Dusklight Crest
  • Dusklight Star
  • Dusklight Crescent
  • Dusklight Pauldrons
  • Wildborn

Echoes of the Eyrie

  • Greaves of Echoes
  • Sigil of Echoes
  • Helm of Echoes
  • Wrath of Echoes

Elder Convergence

  • Heat of Elder Convergence
  • Wings of Elder Convergence
  • Frost of Elder Convergence
  • Tail of Elder Convergence

Harness of the Fissured Soul

  • Helm of the Fissured Soul
  • Pauldron of the Fissured Soul
  • Bracers of the Fissured Soul
  • Mace of the Fissured Soul
  • Relic of the Fissured Soul

Eldritch Gnarl

  • Foliage of Eldritch Gnarl
  • Roots of Eldritch Gnarl
  • Snoot of Eldritch Gnarl
  • Arms of Eldritch Gnarl

Eldritch Ice

  • Bindings of Eldritch Ice
  • Bracers of Eldritch Ice
  • Glacier of Eldritch Ice
  • Mantle of Eldritch Ice

Eldwurm's Touch

  • Bracers of the Eldwurm's Touch
  • Cape of the Eldwurm's Touch
  • Helmet of the Eldwurm's Touch
  • Boots of the Eldwurm's Touch
  • Quiver of the Eldwurm's Touch
  • Pauldrons of the Eldwurm's Touch
  • Bow of the Eldwurm's Touch

Elemental Ice Infusion

  • Elemental Ice Head
  • Elemental Ice Right Arm
  • Elemental Ice Left Arm
  • Elemental Ice Body

Elemental Imperator

  • Flail of the Elemental Imperator
  • Bracers of the Elemental Imperator
  • Belt of the Elemental Imperator
  • Helm of the Elemental Imperator
  • Pauldrons of the Elemental Imperator
  • Tail of the Elemental Imperator

Elements of the Endless Plane

  • Helm of the Endless Plane
  • Pauldron of the Endless Plane
  • Mace of the Endless Plane
  • Belt of the Endless Plane
  • Bracers of the Endless Plane

The Burden of Eleven Curses

  • Sword of the Eleven Curses
  • Tail of the Eleven Curses
  • Bracer of the Eleven Curses
  • Wings of the Eleven Curses
  • Belt of the Eleven Curses
  • Shoulder of the Eleven Curses
  • Horns of the Eleven Curses

The Ember Crane

  • Tail of the Ember Crane
  • Wings of the Ember Crane
  • Adornments of the Ember Crane
  • Headdress of the Ember Crane

Ember Tipped Carapace

  • Ember Tipped Carapace
  • Ember Tipped Striders
  • Ember Tipped Manipulators
  • Ember Tipped Antennae


  • Emberbark Arms
  • Emberbark Beard
  • Emberbark Roots
  • Emberbark Shoulders

Emerald Frenzy

  • Emerald Frenzy Spikes
  • Emerald Frenzy Flail
  • Emerald Frenzy Helmet
  • Emerald Frenzy Glove
  • Emerald Frenzy Amulet

Empire of the Lightning Lord

  • Mask of the Lightning Lord
  • Plate of the Lightning Lord
  • Conduit of the Lightning Lord
  • Rings of the Lightning Lord
  • Spark of the Lightning Lord

Empowered Vestments of the Gods

  • Empowered Skirt of the Gods
  • Empowered Hood of the Gods
  • Empowered Staff of the Gods
  • Roehrin the Pale Stallion

Empress of the Sea

  • Sea Legs
  • The Sabre of the Sea Empress
  • The Crown of the Sea Empress
  • The Coronation Mantle
  • Offhand Sea Sabre

Araceae's Tribute

  • Araceae's Tribute Bracelets
  • Araceae's Tribute Hair
  • Araceae's Tribute Necklace
  • Araceae's Tribute Skirt
  • Araceae's Tribute Spear

Enduring Solitude

  • Belt of Enduring Solitude
  • Crown of Enduring Solitude
  • Bracer of Enduring Solitude
  • Mantle of Enduring Solitude
  • Blade of Enduring Solitude

The Engulfing Spike

  • Bracers the Engulfing Spike
  • Belt of the Engulfing Spike
  • Long Hair of the Engulfing Spike
  • Strength Horn of the Engulfing Spike
  • Spear of the Engulfing Spike

Councilor's Raiment

  • Councilor's Shawl
  • Councilor's Staff
  • Councilor's Robe
  • Councilor's Mask

Ensemble of the Crystalline Comet

  • Cape of the Crystalline Comet
  • Cuffs of the Crystalline Comet
  • Shelter of the Crystalline Comet
  • Ties of the Crystalline Comet
  • Shards of the Crystalline Comet

Enveloping Despair

  • Halberd of Enveloping Despair
  • Spaulders of Enveloping Despair
  • Ram of Enveloping Despair
  • Helm of Enveloping Despair
  • Cape of Enveloping Despair

The Ephemeral Haunt

  • Dress of the Ephemeral Haunt
  • Horns of the Ephemeral Haunt
  • Sleeves of the Ephemeral Haunt
  • Wings of the Ephemeral Haunt
  • Blade of the Ephemeral Haunt

Epitaphic Bonds

  • Epitaphic Bonds Armor
  • Epitaphic Bonds Hair
  • Epitaphic Bonds Shoulders

Epoch of the Abysm

  • Eyes of the Abysm
  • Abdomen of the Abysm
  • Anterior of the Abysm
  • Legs of the Abysm
  • Creepling of the Abysm

Equine Emissary

  • Halberd of the Equine Emissary
  • Gauntlets of the Equine Emissary
  • Flags of the Equine Emissary
  • Pauldrons of the Equine Emissary
  • Helm of the Equine Emissary

Erupting Wrath

  • Cap of Erupting Wrath
  • Horn of Erupting Wrath
  • Pauldron of Erupting Wrath
  • Girdle of Erupting Wrath
  • Slab of Erupting Wrath

Might of the Galloping Avenger

  • War Helm of the Galloping Avenger
  • Trappings of the Galloping Avenger
  • Harness of the Galloping Avenger
  • Armor of the Galloping Avenger
  • Halberd of the Galloping Avenger

Blossoming Harmony

  • Sun Shade of Blossoming Harmony
  • Robe of Blossoming Harmony
  • Ruan of Blossoming Harmony

Dashing Swordsman

  • Mask of the Dashing Swordsman
  • Pack of the Dashing Swordsman
  • Bracers of the Dashing Swordsman
  • Belt of the Dashing Swordsman
  • Bladelord

Delightful Affliction

  • Mantle of Delightful Affliction
  • Prongs of Delightful Affliction
  • Span of Delightful Affliction
  • Dagger of Delightful Affliction

Divine Flame

  • Headress of the Divine Flame
  • Cape of the Divine Flame
  • Sleeves of the Divine Flame
  • Skirt of the Divine Flame

Icebound Floret

  • Scepter of the Icebound Floret
  • Brooch of the Icebound Floret
  • Kimono of the Icebound Floret
  • Sleeves of the Icebound Floret
  • Ribbon of the Icebound Floret

Eternal Fire

  • Tail of Eternal Fire
  • Armor of Eternal Fire
  • Blade of Eternal Fire
  • Helm of Eternal Fire
  • Belt of Eternal Fire
  • Wings of Eternal Fire
  • Arms of Eternal Fire

Eternal Harvest

  • Horns of Eternal Harvest
  • Pauldrons of Eternal Harvest
  • Grips of Eternal Harvest

Eternal Purgatory

  • Collar of Eternal Purgatory
  • Form of Eternal Purgatory
  • Curse of Eternal Purgatory
  • Wings of Eternal Purgatory
  • Horns of Eternal Purgatory

Eternal Testament

  • Veil of Eternal Testament
  • Dress of Eternal Testament
  • Blouse of Eternal Testament
  • Ghosts of Eternal Testament
  • Weeds of Eternal Testament

Ethereal Monarch

  • Wings of the Ethereal Monarch
  • Tail of the Ethereal Monarch
  • Crown of the Ethereal Monarch

Everlasting Heat

  • Everlasting Hair
  • Everlasting Arms
  • Everlasting Tails
  • Everlasting Belt

Exact Marksman

  • Cloak of the Exact Marksman
  • Perforator
  • Arm of the Exact Marksman
  • Spaulders of the Exact Marksman
  • Cap of the Exact Marksman

Exponent of the Endless Stars

  • Armor of Endless Stars
  • Bracers of Endless Stars
  • Jewels of Endless Stars
  • Servants of Endless Stars

Eye of the Beholder

  • Tail of the Beholder
  • Bow of the Beholder
  • Armor of the Beholder
  • Bracers of the Beholder
  • Helm of the Beholder

Eye of the Weathered Storm

  • Tusks of the Weathered Storm
  • Cape of the Weathered Storm
  • Helm of the Weathered Storm
  • Mace of the Weathered Storm
  • Armor of the Weathered Storm
  • Harness of the Weathered Storm
  • Sigil of the Weathered Storm

Chronite Defense

  • Chronite Armor
  • Chronite Bracers
  • Chronite Scepter
  • Voidkeeper's Visage

The Dials of Claszureme

  • Helm of Claszureme
  • Belt of Claszureme
  • Bracers of Claszureme
  • Shoulders of Claszureme
  • Epoch

Fantoccini's Dilemma

  • Fantoccini
  • Coat of Fantoccini's Dilemma
  • Torch of Fantoccini's Dilemma
  • Hat of Fantoccini's Dilemma

Fatal Bloom

  • Ward of the Fatal Bloom
  • Wings of the Fatal Bloom
  • Tail of the Fatal Bloom
  • Crest of the Fatal Bloom
  • Stingers of the Fatal Bloom
  • Loading Screen of the Fatal Bloom

Fatal Blossom

  • Fatal Blossom Hairdress
  • Fatal Blossom Nails
  • Fatal Blossom Scarf
  • Fatal Blossom Robe
  • Fatal Blossom Skirt

Father of the Forest

  • Beard of the Father
  • Braid of the Father
  • Wrist Guards of the Father
  • Verdant Shawl of the Father
  • Staff of the Father
  • Mighty Horns of the Father
  • Children of Verodicia

Ritual Garb of the Father Spirits

  • Fetish of the Father Spirits
  • Headdress of the Father Spirits
  • Great Pipe of the Father Spirits
  • Ritual Skirt of the Father Spirits

Fathomless Ravager

  • Helm of the Fathomless Ravager
  • Claws of the Fathomless Ravager
  • Breastplate of the Fathomless Ravager

Feast of the Glutton's Larder

  • Loading Screen of the Glutton's Larder
  • Abdomen of the Glutton's Larder
  • Legs of the Glutton's Larder
  • Spidering of the Glutton's Larder
  • Cowl of the Glutton's Larder
  • Crown of the Glutton's Larder


  • Featherfall Quiver
  • Featherfall Spaulders
  • Featherfall Locks
  • Featherfall Cloak
  • Featherfall Bow


  • Featherswing Hair
  • Deadly Featherswing
  • Featherswing Cape
  • Featherswing Quiver
  • Featherswing Pauldron

Ferocious Heart

  • Helm of the Ferocious Heart
  • Mane of the Ferocious Heart
  • Girdle of the Ferocious Heart
  • Bracers of the Ferocious Heart
  • Claws of the Ferocious Heart

Ferocious Toxicant

  • Ward of the Ferocious Toxicant
  • Crest of the Ferocious Toxicant
  • Spitters of the Ferocious Toxicant
  • Tail of the Ferocious Toxicant
  • Spines of the Ferocious Toxicant

Fervent Conscript

  • Armor of the Fervent Conscript
  • Off-Hand Blade of the Fervent Conscript
  • Style of the Fervent Conscript
  • Belt of the Fervent Conscript
  • Shoulder Plate of the Fervent Conscript
  • Bracers of the Fervent Conscript
  • Blade of the Fervent Conscript

Fervid Monarch

  • Crown of the Fervid Monarch
  • Form of the Fervid Monarch

Fire Dragon of Doom

  • Skirt of the Fire Dragon
  • Helm of the Fire Dragon
  • Shield of the Fire Dragon
  • Pauldrons of the Fire Dragon
  • Blade of the Fire Dragon
  • Gauntlets of the Fire Dragon

Fire Tribunal

  • Fire Tribunal Arms
  • Fire Tribunal Helm
  • Fire Tribunal Sword
  • Fire Tribunal Shoulders
  • Fire Tribunal Tabard
  • Fire Tribunal Shield

Fireflight Scion

  • Hair of the Fireflight Scion
  • Skirt of the Fireflight Scion
  • Flames of the Fireflight Scion
  • Wings of the Fireflight Scion

Fires of Vashundol

  • Skull of Vashundol
  • Wings of Vashundol
  • Cloak of Vashundol
  • Broken Blade of Vashundol
  • Belt of Vashundol
  • Tail of Vashundol
  • Bindings of Vashundol


  • Firestarter Gas Mask
  • Firestarter Gas Pump
  • Firestarter Fuel Cannister
  • Flame Bat

Flames of Prosperity

  • Arm Guards of Prosperity
  • Crimson Guard of Prosperity
  • Phoenix Helm of Prosperity
  • Jin - Blade of Prosperity
  • Huo - Blade of Prosperity
  • Ember Pauldrons of Prosperity

Flamestitched Suitings

  • Flamestitched Suitings Bandana
  • Flamestitched Suitings Cape
  • Rachel the Morde-bat
  • Flamestitched Suitings Wrap and Molotov

Flight of the Marauding Pyro

  • Glider of the Marauding Pyro
  • Torch
  • Cocktail of the Marauding Pyro
  • Mask of the Marauding Pyro

Flight of the Valkyrie

  • Arms of the Valkyrie
  • Shoulders of the Valkyrie
  • Helm of the Valkyrie
  • Halberd of the Valkyrie
  • Wings of the Valkyrie

Flightless Fury

  • Helmet of Flightless Fury
  • Armor of Flightless Fury
  • Greaves of Flightless Fury
  • Blade of Flightless Fury

Flowering Shade

  • Crest of the Flowering Shade
  • Drape of the Flowering Shade
  • Edge of the Flowering Shade
  • Flow of the Flowering Shade

Flowersong Tempest

  • Flowersong
  • Flowersong Guard
  • Flowersong Thorns
  • Flowersong Beauty
  • Flowersong Breeze

Flowing Entropy

  • Mantle of Flowing Entropy
  • Blade of Flowing Entropy
  • Tabard of Flowing Entropy
  • Crown of Flowing Entropy
  • Ribbon of Flowing Entropy

Fluttering Amethyst

  • Wings of the Fluttering Amethyst
  • Skirt of the Fluttering Amethyst
  • Brooch of the Fluttering Amethyst

Forest Hermit

  • Belt of the Forest Hermit
  • Totem of the Forest Hermit
  • Shoulders of the Forest Hermit
  • Head of the Forest Hermit

Foreteller's Oath

  • Belt of the Foreteller's Oath
  • Hat of the Foreteller's Oath
  • Staff of the Foreteller's Oath
  • Death Ward of the Foreteller's Oath
  • Basket of the Foreteller's Oath
  • Covers of the Foreteller's Oath

Foreteller's Robes

  • Foreteller's Haircomb
  • Foreteller's Garment
  • Foreteller's Drapes
  • Foreteller's Adorn

Forge of Iron Will

  • The Fearmaker
  • Rogue at Arms
  • Spine Guard Armor
  • Belt of Outcast Honor
  • The Rogue Helm
  • The Shrug Irons

Forgotten Renegade

  • Coat of the Forgotten Renegade
  • Countenance of the Forgotten Renegade
  • Mount of the Forgotten Renegade
  • Light of the Forgotten Renegade

The Forsaken Beauty

  • Bracers of Forsaken Beauty
  • Bow of Forsaken Beauty
  • Blouse of Forsaken Beauty
  • Circlet of Forsaken Beauty
  • Sweep of Forsaken Beauty

Fortified Fabricator

  • Ballista of the Fortified Fabricator
  • Cannon of the Fortified Fabricator
  • Shoulders of the Fortified Fabricator
  • Helmet of the Fortified Fabricator
  • Controls of the Fortified Fabricator

Foulfell Corruptor

  • Demon Form of the Foulfell Corruptor
  • Blades of the Foulfell Corruptor
  • Wings of the Foulfell Corruptor
  • Helm of the Foulfell Corruptor
  • Armor of the Foulfell Corruptor

Fractured Envoy

  • Cape of the Fractured Envoy
  • Pauldrons of the Fractured Envoy
  • Bracers of the Fractured Envoy

Friend of the West

  • Bracers of the West
  • Wa-Ya the Mighty
  • Twin Scalpers of the West
  • Great Hunt Shoulder of the West
  • Chieftain Headdress of the West
  • Ritual Belt of the West


  • Wings of Frostheart
  • Crown of Frostheart

The Frostiron Raider

  • Frostiron Raider Tusks
  • Frostiron Raider Fist
  • Frostiron Raider Axe
  • Frostiron Raider Helm
  • Frostiron Raider Shield
  • Frostiron Raider Wrap

Frostiron Sorcess

  • Frostiron Sorceress Cape
  • Frostiron Sorceress Cuffs
  • Frostiron Sorceress Pads
  • Frostiron Sorceress Staff
  • Frostiron Sorceress Brooch

Frostshard Ascendant

  • Arms of the Frostshard Ascendant
  • Back of the Frostshard Ascendant
  • Belt of the Frostshard Ascendant
  • Head of the Frostshard Ascendant
  • Sunken Frostshard
  • Weapon of the Frostshard Ascendant

Sermon of the Frozen Apostle

  • Rimeheart the Doom Stallion
  • Death Shroud of the Frozen Apostle
  • Horned Helm of the Frozen Apostle
  • Drake Guard of the Frozen Apostle
  • Twisted Ghostblade of the Frozen Apostle

Frozen Blood

  • Tail of the Frozen Blood
  • Bracers of the Frozen Blood
  • Dagger of the Frozen Blood
  • Dagger of the Frozen Blood Off-Hand
  • Horns of the Frozen Blood
  • Armor of the Frozen Blood

Frozen Emperor

  • Frozen Emperor's Demon Mask
  • Frozen Emperor's Twin Dragon Cape
  • Frozen Emperor's Guardian Lion
  • Frozen Emperor's Cursed Belt
  • Frozen Emperor's Runed Bracers

Frozen Feather

  • Bracers of the Frozen Feather
  • Cape of the Frozen Feather
  • Pauldrons of the Frozen Feather
  • Staff of the Frozen Feather
  • Hood of the Frozen Feather

Frozen Star

  • Statue of the Frozen Star
  • Mantle of the Frozen Star
  • Bindings of the Frozen Star
  • Bracers of the Frozen Star

Fungal Lord

  • Wild Moss Beard of the Fungal Lord
  • Staff of the Fungal Lord
  • Shoulders of the Fungal Lord
  • Ironwood Arms of the Fungal Lord
  • Cap of the Fungal Lord
  • Great Moss Cape of the Fungal Lord
  • Shroom Thing

Master of Beast and Bole

  • Staff of the Eagle
  • Grand Crown of the Gigas
  • Druidic Ritual Crest

Bird's Stone

  • Drape of Bird's Stone
  • Bracers of Bird's Stone
  • Helm of Bird's Stone
  • Crest of Bird's Stone
  • Staff of Bird's Stone

The Regal Forest Lord

  • Runestaff of Verodicia
  • Horns of Noblesse
  • Luxuriant Chin-Foliage
  • Cape of Verdant Dreaming
  • Runed Ailettes
  • Cuffs of Oak and Yew

Heartwood Vanguard

  • Sinorian Sphere Staff
  • Diadem of the Goddess Enthroned
  • Beard of Cycles
  • Flared Wooden Crest
  • Guard of the Deep Tribes

Garments of the Peace-Bringer

  • Flower Staff of the Peace-Bringer
  • Lei of the Peace-Bringer
  • Horns of the Peace-Bringer
  • Beard of the Peace-Bringer
  • Toga of the Peace-Bringer

Scion of the Savage

  • Staff of the Tusk-Bereft
  • Horns of the Forest Lord
  • Doubly Braided Beard
  • Pauldron of Al-Fusha
  • Tusked Bracers

Garb of Shades

  • Scepter of Shades
  • Cincture of Shades
  • Armwraps of Shades
  • Visage of Shades
  • Scepter of Shades - Off-Hand

Garb of the Consuming Tides

  • Guard of the Consuming Tides
  • Cowl of the Consuming Tides
  • Cutlass of the Consuming Tides
  • Offhand Cutlass of the Consuming Tides
  • Scales of the Consuming Tides

Garb of the Cunning Augur

  • Mantle of the Cunning Augur
  • Staff of the Cunning Augur
  • Cap of the Cunning Augur
  • Cape of the Cunning Augur

Garb of the Frost Lord

  • Crown of the Frost Lord
  • Cloak of the Frost Lord
  • Restraints of the Frost Lord
  • Gauntlets of the Frost Lord
  • Collar of the Frost Lord

Garb of the Great Deluge

  • Storm Walker
  • Conductor of the Great Deluge
  • Bludgeon of the Great Deluge
  • Bracers of the Great Deluge
  • Pauldrons of the Great Deluge
  • Bristles of the Great Deluge

Gifted Jester

  • Cape of the Gifted Jester
  • Mantle of the Gifted Jester
  • Mask of the Gifted Jester
  • Staff of the Gifted Jester

Ghastly Matriarch

  • Skirt of the Ghastly Matriarch
  • Tresses of the Ghastly Matriarch
  • Scarf of the Ghastly Matriarch
  • Collar of the Ghastly Matriarch
  • Chiroptera of the Ghastly Matriarch

Gift of the Sea

  • Gift of the Sea Fin
  • Gift of the Sea Arms
  • Gift of the Sea Head
  • Gift of the Sea Shoulders
  • Gift of the Sea Dorsal Wings

Gifts from the Gloom

  • Wights from the Gloom
  • Armor from the Gloom
  • Belts from the Gloom
  • Dress from the Gloom
  • Blindfold from the Gloom

Gifts of Fortune

  • Ornate Hat of Good Fortune
  • Scale Pauldrons of Good Fortune
  • Festive Robes of Good Fortune

Gifts of the Heavenly Guardian

  • Heavenly Guardian Bracers
  • Heavenly Guardian Quiver
  • Heavenly Guardian Skirt
  • Heavenly Guardian Crest
  • Heavenly Guardian Bow
  • Heavenly Guardian Locks
  • Noctis the Heavenly Qilin Guardian

Gifts of the Vanished Isle

  • Gifts of the Vanished Isle Head
  • Gifts of the Vanished Isle Sword
  • Gifts of the Vanished Isle Legs
  • Gifts of the Vanished Isle Arms
  • Gifts of the Vanished Isle Back

Wings of the Gilded Falcon

  • Gilded Falcon Bow
  • Gilded Falcon Quiver
  • Gilded Falcon Cloak
  • Gilded Falcon Helm
  • Gilded Falcon Wings

Glacial Magnolia

  • Staff of the Glacial Magnolia
  • Cape of the Glacial Magnolia
  • Sleeves of the Glacial Magnolia
  • Mantle of the Glacial Magnolia
  • Style of the Glacial Magnolia

Gladiator's Revenge

  • Gladiator's Revenge Armor
  • Gladiator's Revenge Trident
  • Gladiator's Revenge Axe
  • Gladiator's Revenge Belt
  • Gladiator's Revenge Arm
  • Gladiator's Revenge Chain
  • Gladiator's Revenge Helmet

Golden Basher of Mage Skulls

  • Golden Basher of Mage Skulls
  • Golden Offhand Basher of Mage Skulls

Golden Nether Lord's Regalia Set

  • Golden Nether Lord's Hat
  • Golden Nether Lord's Belt
  • Golden Nether Lord's Devourer
  • Golden Nether Lord's Bracer
  • Golden Nether Lord's Cape
  • Golden Nether Lord's Scepter
  • Golden Nether Heart

Golden Nirvana

  • Nova of Golden Nirvana
  • Trappings of Golden Nirvana
  • Crown of Golden Nirvana

Golden Reel Guardian

  • Golden Reel Guardian Totem
  • Golden Reel Guardian Helmet
  • Golden Reel Guardian Belt
  • Golden Reel Guardian Arms

Gombangdae Dosa

  • Gombangdae Dosa Arms
  • Gombangdae Dosa Belt
  • Gombangdae Dosa Helmet
  • Gombangdae Dosa Shoulders
  • Gombangdae Dosa Back

Grim Reformation

  • Gauntlets of Grim Reformation
  • Armor of Grim Reformation
  • Helm of Grim Reformation
  • Corpse Hive of Grim Reformation

Gruesome Embrace

  • Visage of the Gruesome Embrace
  • Cloak of the Gruesome Embrace
  • Writhe of the Gruesome Embrace
  • Talon of the Gruesome Embrace
  • Scepter of the Gruesome Embrace

Guardian of the Eternal Seasons

  • Locks of the Eternal Seasons
  • Shoulders of the Eternal Seasons
  • Mane of the Eternal Seasons
  • Birch of the Eternal Seasons
  • Bonsaiko
  • Arms of the Eternal Seasons
  • Robes of the Eternal Seasons

Guardian of the Red Mountain

  • Totem of the Red Mountain
  • Belt of the Red Mountain
  • Gauntlets of the Red Mountain
  • Helm of the Red Mountain

Guilt of the Survivor

  • Blade of the Survivor
  • Offhand Blade of the Survivor
  • Shoulders of the Survivor
  • Hair of the Survivor
  • Belt of the Survivor
  • Tunic of the Survivor
  • Bracers of the Survivor

Gunboat Hegemon

  • Gunboat Hegemon Loading Screen
  • Goggles of the Gunboat Hegemon
  • Wings of the Gunboat Hegemon
  • Hull of the Gunboat Hegemon
  • Propeller of the Gunboat Hegemon
  • Missile of the Gunboat Hegemon

Dwarf Gyrocopter

  • Artillery of the Dwarf Gyrocopter
  • Helm of the Dwarf Gyrocopter
  • Hull of the Dwarf Gyrocopter
  • Turret of the Dwarf Gyrocopter
  • Missile of the Dwarf Gyrocopter

Swooping Elder

  • Cannons of the Swooping Elder
  • Tricon of the Swooping Elder
  • Mast of the Swooping Elder
  • Prow of the Swooping Elder
  • Mine of the Swooping Elder

Harbinger of War

  • Girdle of the Harbinger
  • Belt of the Harbinger
  • Axe of the Harbinger
  • Helm of the Harbinger
  • Pauldron of the Harbinger

The Hare Hunt

  • Hare Hunt Hat
  • Hare Hunt Rifle
  • Hare Hunt Sleeves
  • Hare Hunt Shoulders
  • Hare Hunt Cape

Hazhadal Magebreaker

  • Cape of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
  • Mask of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
  • Bracers of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
  • Belt of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
  • Shield of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
  • Edge of the Hazhadal Magebreaker

Heavenly Light

  • Guards of Heavenly Light
  • Mace of Heavenly Light
  • Pauldron of Heavenly Light
  • Cape of Heavenly Light
  • Helm of Heavenly Light

ZSMJ's Heavenly General

  • Heavenly General Armor
  • Heavenly General Hat
  • Heavenly General Shoulders

Heiress of the Coastal Kingdom

  • Arrows of the Coastal Kingdom
  • Pterois of the Coastal Kingdom
  • Belt of the Coastal Kingdom
  • Necklaces of the Coastal Kingdom
  • Bow of the Coastal Kingdom
  • Braids of the Coastal Kingdom
  • Bracelets of the Coastal Kingdom

Heirlooms of Aeol Drias

  • Threads of Aeol Drias
  • Headgear of Aeol Drias
  • Buckler of Aeol Drias
  • Tunic of Aeol Drias
  • Glaive of Aeol Drias
  • Bracers of Aeol Drias

Hell's Ambassador

  • Hand of Hell's Ambassador
  • Mantle of Hell's Ambassador
  • Epaulets of Hell's Ambassador
  • Strifemaul of Hell's Ambassador

Herald of Measureless Ruin

  • Grasp of Measureless Ruin
  • Rod of Measureless Ruin
  • Expanse of Measureless Ruin
  • Apex of Measureless Ruin

Hidden Flower

  • Guards of the Hidden Flower
  • Sleeves of the Hidden Flower
  • Veil of the Hidden Flower

Carapace of the Hidden Hive

  • Claws of the Hidden Hive
  • Horn of the Hidden Hive
  • Shell of the Hidden Hive

Humble Drifter

  • Humble Drifter Garb
  • Humble Drifter Bracers
  • Humble Drifter Pants
  • Humble Drifter Oar
  • Humble Drifter Hat

Hunt of the Weeping Beast

  • Blade of the Weeping Beast
  • Offhand Blade of the Weeping Beast
  • Gauntlets of the Weeping Beast
  • Guard of the Weeping Beast
  • Drape of the Weeping Beast
  • Mask of the Weeping Beast
  • Cape of the Weeping Beast

Hunter's Glory

  • Cape of the Hunter's Glory
  • Helm of the Hunter's Glory
  • Blade of the Hunter's Glory
  • Buckler of the Hunter's Glory
  • Scythe of the Hunter's Glory
  • Armor of the Hunter's Glory

The Hunter of Kings

  • Pelt of the Hunter of Kings
  • Curse of the Hunter of Kings
  • Avatar of the Hunter of Kings
  • Trail of the Hunter of Kings
  • Midnight Rippers of the Hunter of Kings
  • The King's Nightmare
  • Borealis and Puppey, Guardians of Ambry

Hunter with No Name

  • Cape of the Hunter
  • Pistol Blade of the Hunter
  • Rifle Blade of the Hunter
  • Shuriken of the Hunter
  • Hat of the Hunter
  • Armor of the Hunter

Reckless Vigor

  • Armlet of Reckless Vigor
  • Spikes of Reckless Vigor
  • Blade of Reckless Vigor
  • Style of Reckless Vigor
  • Spear of Reckless Vigor

Icebrew Angler

  • Cask of the Icebrew Angler
  • Reel of the Icebrew Angler
  • Auger of the Icebrew Angler
  • Head of the Icebrew Angler
  • Arms of the Icebrew Angler
  • Garb of the Icebrew Angler

Iceburnt Elegy

  • Wings of the Iceburnt Elegy
  • Crown of the Iceburnt Elegy

Death Charge

  • Flail of the Death Charge
  • Shoulders of the Death Charge
  • Horns of the Death Charge
  • Tail of the Death Charge
  • Bracers of the Death Charge
  • Belt of the Death Charge

Icewrack Marauder

  • Axes of the Icewrack Marauder
  • Armor of the Icewrack Marauder
  • Head of the Icewrack Marauder

Immemorial Emperor

  • Immemorial Emperor's Coronet
  • Immemorial Emperor's Beard
  • Immemorial Emperor's Mantle
  • Immemorial Emperor's Scythe

Immortals Pride

  • Immortals Pride Flags
  • Immortals Pride Helm
  • Immortals Pride Halberd
  • Immortals Pride Pauldrons
  • Immortals Pride Bracers

Vestments of the Iron Will

  • Cuffs of the Iron Will
  • Strap of the Iron Will
  • Horns of the Iron Will
  • Mantle of the Iron Will
  • Tail of the Iron Will
  • Flail of the Iron Will

Imperious Command

  • Hair of the Imperious Command
  • Armor of the Imperious Command
  • Twin Blades of the Imperious Command

Harbinger of the Inauspicious Abyss

  • Heart of the Inauspicious Abyss
  • Wings of the Inauspicious Abyss
  • Auspex of the Inauspicious Abyss
  • Thyrsus of the Inauspicious Abyss

Incandescent Liturgy

  • Wings of Incandescent Liturgy
  • Tail of Incandescent Liturgy
  • Scales of Incandescent Liturgy
  • Visage of Incandescent Liturgy
  • Echo of Incandescent Liturgy
  • Spaulders of Incandescent Liturgy
  • Sternites of Incandescent Liturgy

Incantations of Hell

  • Tail Blade of Incantations
  • Horns of Incantations
  • Scorching Wings of Incantation
  • Vehement Pauldrons of Incantations
  • Head Opener of Incantations
  • Belt of Incantations
  • Arm Harness of Incantations

Infernal Rambler

  • Helm of the Infernal Rambler
  • Shoulders of the Infernal Rambler
  • Gauntlet of the Infernal Rambler
  • Scepter of the Infernal Rambler
  • Mantle of the Infernal Rambler

Tools of the Mad Harvester Set

  • Restraint of the Mad Harvester
  • Nails in the Mad Harvester
  • Mask of the Mad Harvester
  • Rope of the Mad Harvester
  • Hook of the Mad Harvester
  • Chopper of the Mad Harvester

Inscrutable Zeal

  • Cloak of Inscrutable Zeal
  • Mask of Inscrutable Zeal
  • Staff of Inscrutable Zeal
  • Oculus Ephemeral

Dark Artistry

  • Dark Artistry Cape
  • Dark Artistry Hair
  • Dark Artistry Bracers
  • Dark Artistry Belt
  • Dark Artistry Pauldrons

The Cabalist of Dark Magic

  • Hair of the Dark Magic
  • Cape of the Dark Magic
  • Shoulders of the Dark Magic
  • Bracers of the Dark Magic

Garbs of the Eastern Range

  • Wraps of the Eastern Range
  • Pads of the Eastern Range
  • Cape of the Eastern Range
  • Bracers of the Eastern Range
  • Hairstyle of the Eastern Range

The Fires of Exort

  • Cape of the Burning Cabal
  • Crest of the Burning Cabal
  • Bracers of the Burning Cabal
  • Stylish Wizard's Topnot


  • Iceforged Bracers
  • Iceforged Shoulders
  • Iceforged Cape
  • Iceforged Hair
  • Iceforged Spirit

The Magus Magnus

  • Crest of the Magus Magnus
  • Bracers of Profound Perfection
  • Cape of Arcane Artistry
  • Hood of Endless Intellect

Mnemonus Arcanus

  • Arcane Shield
  • Arcane Fist
  • Arcane Sight
  • Arcane Drapings

Adornings of the Quas Precor

  • Mask of Quas Precor
  • Cuffs of Quas Precor
  • Drapings of Quas Precor
  • Cape of Quas Precor
  • Shoulders of Quas Precor

Iron Clock Knight

  • Armor of the Iron Clock Knight
  • Head of the Iron Clock Knight
  • Rocket of the Iron Clock Knight
  • Hook of the Iron Clock Knight

Iron Dwarf Gyrocopter

  • Iron Artillery of the Dwarf Gyrocopter
  • Iron Helm of the Dwarf Gyrocopter
  • Iron Hull of the Dwarf Gyrocopter
  • Iron Turret of the Dwarf Gyrocopter
  • Iron Missile of the Dwarf Gyrocopter

Iron Hog

  • Loading Screen of the Iron Hog
  • Razors of the Iron Hog
  • Belt of the Iron Hog
  • Face of the Iron Hog
  • Shoulder of the Iron Hog
  • Axe of the Iron Hog
  • Chopper of the Iron Hog
  • Arms of the Iron Hog

Ironbarde Charger

  • Bracers of the Ironbarde Charger
  • Belt of the Ironbarde Charger
  • Mask of the Ironbarde Charger
  • Tail of the Ironbarde Charger
  • Pauldron of the Ironbarde Charger
  • Reach of the Ironbarde Charger

Ironclad Mold

  • Head of the Ironclad Mold
  • Carapace of the Ironclad Mold
  • Legs of the Ironclad Mold
  • Claws of the Ironclad Mold
  • Tail of the Ironclad Mold

Itinerant Scholar

  • Itinerant Scholar Loading Screen
  • Staff of the Itinerant Scholar
  • Tome of the Itinerant Scholar
  • Cape of the Itinerant Scholar
  • Hat of the Itinerant Scholar

Jewel of the Forest

  • Jewel of the Forest Gloves
  • Jewel of the Forest Pauldrons
  • Jewel of the Forest Boots
  • Jewel of the Forest Bow
  • Jewel of the Forest Cape
  • Jewel of the Forest Scarf

Jiang Shi's Revenge

  • Coffin of the Jiang Shi's Revenge
  • Robe of the Jiang Shi's Revenge
  • Hat of the Jiang Shi's Revenge
  • Necklace of the Jiang Shi's Revenge
  • Sleeves of the Jiang Shi's Revenge

Jini the Bright Moon

  • Bright Moon Chima
  • Bright Moon Somae
  • Bright Moon Mokdori
  • Bright Moon Jeonmo

Jolly Reaver

  • Belt of the Jolly Reaver
  • Cannon of the Jolly Reaver
  • Hat of the Jolly Reaver
  • Tentacles of the Jolly Reaver
  • Chains of the Jolly Reaver
  • Anchor-hook of the Jolly Reaver
  • Cutlass of the Jolly Reaver

Judge of the Battlefield

  • Helm of the Battlefield
  • Halberd of the Battlefield
  • Pauldrons of the Battlefield
  • Wings of the Battlefield
  • Bracers of the Battlefield

The Exiled Ronin

  • Sturdy Bracers of the Exiled Ronin
  • Fire of the Exiled Ronin
  • Burden of the Exiled Ronin
  • Armour of the Exiled Ronin
  • Vestments of the Exiled Ronin

Aspects of Beast and Man

  • 100-Proof Jug
  • Fine Bone Bracers
  • Prey-Tracker's Aspect Mask
  • Omnishred the Defiant

The Boar God's Honor

  • Three-Fold Mien of the Boar God
  • Seven-Sealed the Fur Bracer
  • Twelve-Tusks the Cape of Boars
  • Four-Fangs the Swordbreaker

The Dauntless

  • Bone Bracer of the Brave
  • Death Mask of the Brave
  • Elder Tusk of the Brave
  • No-Guard the Courageous Edge

Traveler on the High Plains

  • Stoic Mask of the High Plains
  • Wolf Cape of the High Plains
  • Aspect Wraps of the High Plains
  • Long-Fang the Grey Blade

Of Ebony and Ivory

  • Visage of the Ivory Isles
  • Kimono of the Ebony Tower
  • Bracers of the Ebony Tower
  • Defender of the Ivory Isles

Arms of the Gwimyeon Warrior

  • Juljae Sword
  • Bracers of the Gwimyeon Warrior
  • Faulds of the Gwimyeon Warrior
  • Gwimyeon
  • Pauldrons of the Gwimyeon Warrior

Keen Machine

  • Thud-Gun of the Keen Machine
  • Heavy Plates of the Keen Machine
  • Cyclopean Helm of the Keen Machine
  • Lucky Bullet of the Keen Machine
  • Heavy Cloak of the Keen Machine

Keeper of the Northlight

  • Robe of the Northlight
  • Hood of the Northlight
  • Staff of the Northlight
  • Stag of the Northlight

Kindred of the Umizar Crawler

  • Loading Screen of the Umizar Crawler
  • Spikes of the Umizar Crawler
  • Helm of the Umizar Crawler
  • Slasher of the Umizar Crawler
  • Shell of the Umizar Crawler
  • Claw of the Umizar Crawler

Kit of the First Hunt

  • Spear of the First Hunt
  • Skull of the First Hunt
  • Vest of the First Hunt
  • Bone Knife of the First Hunt
  • Mark of the First Hunt
  • Guard of the First Hunt

Knight of the Burning Scale

  • Blade of the Burning Scale
  • Cuirass of the Burning Scale
  • Shield of the Burning Scale
  • Helm of the Burning Scale
  • Cape of the Burning Scale
  • Bracers of the Burning Scale
  • Shadow of the Burning Scale

Dressings of the First Light

  • Spiral Staff of the First Light
  • Wise Cap of the First Light
  • Robes of the First Light
  • Gladys the Light-Bearing Mule

The Admirable Admiral

  • Gloves of the Admirable Admiral
  • Ceremonial Rapier
  • Grand Curls of the Admirable Admiral
  • Seafarer's Shoes
  • Sword of the Admirable Admiral

Instruments of the Claddish Voyager

  • Claddish Voyager's Second Chance
  • Claddish Voyager's First Chance
  • Claddish Voyager's Gloves
  • Claddish Voyager's Helm
  • Claddish Voyager's Treads
  • Claddish Voyager's Chestplate
  • Claddish Voyager's Elegant Pauldron
  • Claddish Voyager's True North

The Commendable Commodore

  • Commodore's Kraken Slayer
  • Commodore's Bicorne
  • Commodore's Curtains
  • Commodore's Puffy Cuffs
  • Commodore's Facings
  • Commodore's Gaiters
  • Commodore's Sash

Grand Witch Hunter Templar

  • Grand Mantle of the Witch Hunter Templar
  • Grand Gloves of the Witch Hunter Templar
  • Grand Vestments of the Witch Hunter Templar
  • Grand Boots of the Witch Hunter Templar
  • Grand Hat of the Witch Hunter Templar
  • Grand Belt of the Witch Hunter Templar
  • Grand Sword of the Witch Hunter Templar
  • Grand Pauldrons of the Witch Hunter Templar

The Steadfast Voyager

  • Black Boots of the Voyager
  • Green Sleeves of the Voyager
  • Ernest Do of the Voyager
  • Button Down of the Voyager
  • Firebreather of the Voyager
  • Blue Stone Shoulder of the Voyager
  • Compass Edge of the Voyager

Garb of the Cruel Magician

  • Hood of the Cruel Magician
  • Robe of the Cruel Magician
  • Mantle of the Cruel Magician
  • Staff of the Cruel Magician

The Timekeeper

  • Armor of the Timekeeper
  • Style of the Timekeeper
  • Pauldrons of the Timekeeper

Shadows of the Wuxia

  • Spaulders of Wuxia
  • Headpiece of the Wuxia
  • Armor of the Wuxia

The Atniw's Fury

  • Shoulder of the Atniw
  • Robe of the Atniw
  • Cut of the Atniw
  • Hook of the Atniw
  • Braces of the Atniw
  • Spirit of the Atniw
  • Form of the Atniw

Legacy of Infernal Wings

  • Infernal Wings Mace
  • Infernal Wings Claw
  • Infernal Wings Jaw
  • Infernal Wings Flare
  • Infernal Wings

Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest

  • Sword of the Eldwurm Crest
  • Cuirass of the Eldwurm Crest
  • Armlets of the Eldwurm Crest
  • Helm of the Eldwurm Crest
  • Shield of the Eldwurm Crest
  • Tassets of the Eldwurm Crest

Daemonfell Flame

  • Armor of the Daemonfell Flame
  • Banner of the Daemonfell Flame
  • Spear of the Daemonfell Flame
  • Helm of the Daemonfell Flame
  • Bracers of the Daemonfell Flame

Errant Soldier

  • Bracers of the Errant Soldier
  • Standards of the Errant Soldier
  • Cowl of the Errant Soldier
  • Pauldrons of the Errant Soldier
  • Spear of the Errant Soldier

Forbidden Knowledge

  • Cuffs of Forbidden Knowledge
  • Tome of Forbidden Knowledge
  • Robe of Forbidden Knowledge
  • Cage of Forbidden Knowledge
  • Shackles of Forbidden Knowledge
  • Loading Screen of Forbidden Knowledge

Fashion of the Scorching Princess

  • Sleeves of the Scorching Princess
  • Dress of the Scorching Princess
  • Tails of the Scorching Princess
  • Epaulettes of the Scorching Princess

Vehement Plume

  • Style of the Vehement Plume
  • Skirt of the Vehement Plume
  • Sleeves of the Vehement Plume
  • Necklace of the Vehement Plume

Curse of the Malignant Corruption

  • Cowl of the Malignant Corruption
  • Carapace of Buki'vak the Corrupted
  • Horns of the Malignant Corruption
  • Shards of the Malignant Corruption
  • Scepter of Corrupted Amber

Longbeard Dwarf Engineer

  • Helm of the Longbeard Dwarf Engineer
  • Blunderbuss of the Longbeard Dwarf Engineer
  • Cape of the Longbeard Dwarf Engineer
  • Spaulder of the Longbeard Dwarf Engineer
  • The Dwarf Engineer Loading Screen
  • Armguards of the Longbeard Dwarf Engineer

Lord of Chronoptic Synthesis

  • Rod of Chronoptic Synthesis
  • Cluster of Chronoptic Synthesis
  • Helm of Chronoptic Synthesis
  • Tail of Chronoptic Synthesis
  • Lord of Chronoptic Synthesis Loading Screen
  • Shards of Chronoptic Synthesis

Lord of the Scouring Dunes

  • Tail of the Scouring Dunes
  • Legs of the Scouring Dunes
  • Arms of the Scouring Dunes
  • Head of the Scouring Dunes
  • Shoulder of the Scouring Dunes

Lord of the Vicious Plains

  • Axe of the Vicious Plains
  • Helmet of the Vicious Plains
  • Belt of the Vicious Plains
  • Spikes of the Vicious Plains
  • Bracers of the Vicious Plains
  • Plate of the Vicious Plains
  • Tail of the Vicious Plains

Lucid Torment

  • Sleeves of Lucid Torment
  • Hood of Lucid Torment
  • Cloth of Lucid Torment
  • Eyes of Lucid Torment


  • Lumberclaw Cap
  • Lumberclaw Hook
  • Lumberclaw Chainsaw
  • Lumberclaw Cockpit
  • Lumberclaw Shoulders
  • Lumberclaw Reactive Armor

Azure Constellation

  • Shield of the Azure Constellation
  • Messenger of the Azure Constellation
  • Pauldrons of the Azure Constellation
  • Circlet of the Azure Constellation
  • Glaive of the Azure Constellation

Flight of the Crescent Moon

  • Avon of the Crescent Moon
  • Glaves of the Crescent Moon
  • Guard of the Crescent Moon
  • Mantle of the Crescent Moon
  • Headress of the Crescent Moon

Blessings of the Eternal Eclipse

  • Blades of Eternal Eclipse
  • Helm of Eternal Eclipse
  • Noriet the Dusky Guardian
  • Shield of Eternal Eclipse
  • Armor of Eternal Eclipse

The Great Grey

  • Royal Cape of the Great Grey
  • Sigil Belt of the Great Grey
  • Battle Claws of the Great Grey
  • Housemark of the Great Grey
  • Comb of the Great Grey
  • Familiar of the Great Grey
  • Form of the Great Grey

Mage Abolisher

  • Helmet of the Mage Abolisher
  • Vest of the Mage Abolisher
  • Sash of the Mage Abolisher
  • Offhand Blade of the Mage Abolisher
  • Blade of the Mage Abolisher
  • Pauldron of the Mage Abolisher
  • Bracers of the Mage Abolisher

Majesty of the Forbidden Sands

  • Tail of the Forbidden Sands
  • Claws of the Forbidden Sands
  • Legs of the Forbidden Sands
  • Shoulders of the Forbidden Sands
  • Barbed Head of the Forbidden Sands

Malicious Efflorescence

  • Robes of Malicious Efflorescence
  • Blades of Malicious Efflorescence
  • Horns of Malicious Efflorescence
  • Bracers of Malicious Efflorescence
  • Wings of Malicious Efflorescence

Malicious Sting

  • Malicious Sting Tail
  • Malicious Sting Armor
  • Malicious Sting Back
  • Malicious Sting Belt

Manta Marauder

  • Belt of the Manta Marauder
  • Mask of the Manta Marauder
  • Manta Marauder's Manta Ray
  • Tank of the Manta Marauder

Marauder Chieftain of the Chaos Wastes

  • Chieftain Axes of the Chaos Wastes
  • Chieftain Belt of the Chaos Wastes
  • Chieftain Vambraces of the Chaos Wastes
  • Chieftain Helm of the Chaos Wastes
  • Chieftain Guard of the Chaos Wastes
  • Chieftain Raven of the Chaos Wastes
  • Chieftain Warhound of the Chaos Wastes

Marauder of the Chaos Wastes

  • Axes of the Chaos Wastes
  • Belt of the Chaos Wastes
  • Vambraces of the Chaos Wastes
  • Helm of the Chaos Wastes
  • Guard of the Chaos Wastes
  • Raven of the Chaos Wastes
  • Warhound of the Chaos Wastes

Marauder's Reflection

  • Marauder's Armor
  • Marauder's Demon Form
  • Marauder's Crown
  • Marauder's Blades
  • Marauder's Wings

Mark of the Blood Moon

  • Wolves of the Blood Moon
  • Pauldron of the Blood Moon
  • Form of the Blood Moon
  • Claws of the Blood Moon
  • Mantle of the Blood Moon
  • Hair of the Blood Moon
  • Belt of the Blood Moon

Mark of the Mistral Fiend

  • Mistral
  • Cape of the Mistral Fiend
  • Helm of the Mistral Fiend
  • Call of the Mistral Fiend
  • Pauldrons of the Mistral Fiend

Master Necromancer

  • Robe of the Master Necromancer
  • Scythe of the Master Necromancer
  • Sleeves of the Master Necromancer
  • Guise of the Master Necromancer

Master Weaver

  • Antennae of the Master Weaver
  • Arms of the Master Weaver
  • Spikes of the Master Weaver
  • Legs of the Master Weaver
  • Back of the Master Weaver

Mechalodon Interdictor

  • Subfin Cannons of the Mechalodon Interdictor
  • Torpedo of the Mechalodon Interdictor
  • Cutter of the Mechalodon Interdictor
  • Mask of the Mechalodon Interdictor
  • Tailfin of the Mechalodon Interdictor

Mechanised Pilgrim

  • Cog of the Mechanised Pilgrim
  • Armor of the Mechanised Pilgrim
  • Searchlight Helm of the Mechanised Pilgrim
  • Flare of the Mechanised Pilgrim
  • Hammer of the Mechanised Pilgrim

The Family Values

  • The Family Values Back
  • The Family Values Shoulders
  • The Family Values Head
  • The Family Values Weapon
  • The Family Values Tail
  • The Family Values Arms

Mentor of the Artif Convert

  • Scrolls of the Artif Convert
  • Pauldrons of the Artif Convert
  • Belt of the Artif Convert
  • Sleeves of the Artif Convert
  • Helm of the Artif Convert

Mentor of the High Plains

  • Mentor of the High Plains Ceremonial Banner
  • Mentor of the High Plains Great Cuirass
  • Mentor of the High Plains Guard
  • Mentor of the High Plains Decorated Pauldrons
  • Mentor of the High Plains Right Tiger Hook
  • Mentor of the High Plains Left Tiger Hook

Meranth Dragoon

  • Meranth Dragoon Pauldrons
  • Meranth Dragoon Shield
  • Meranth Dragoon Finblade
  • Meranth Dragoon Armor
  • Meranth Dragoon Belt
  • Meranth Dragoon Helm

Might of the Thunder Ram

  • Armplates of the Thunder Ram
  • Crown of the Thunder Ram
  • Pauldrons of the Thunder Ram
  • Tempest Caller
  • Flags of the Thunder Ram
  • Thunder Ram


  • Starlight Armguards
  • Starlight Dress
  • Starlight Band
  • Starlight Quiver
  • Morcant
  • Starlight Finery
  • Starlight Bow

Mischievous Dragon

  • Mischievous Dragon Tail
  • Mischievous Dragon Wings
  • Mischievous Dragon Head

Hinterland Stalker

  • Beard of the Hinterland Stalker
  • Mantle of the Hinterland Stalker
  • Gauntlet of the Hinterland Stalker
  • Pelt of the Hinterland Stalker
  • Stonefire

Molten Destructor

  • Suit of the Molten Destructor
  • Exhaust of the Molten Destructor
  • Fins of the Molten Destructor
  • Wild Hair of the Molten Destructor
  • Pull Drill of the Molten Destructor
  • Chainsaw of the Molten Destructor

Havoc of Dragon Palace

  • The Havoc of Dragon Palace Loading Screen
  • Staff of the Dragon Palace
  • Armor of the Dragon Palace
  • Helm of the Dragon Palace


  • Cape of Monstrous Reprisal
  • Bracers of Monstrous Reprisal
  • Horns of Monstrous Reprisal
  • Blinkcutter of Monstrous Reprisal
  • Smoke Bomb of Monstrous Reprisal
  • Backslicer of Monstrous Reprisal

The Moon Rider

  • Bracers of the Moon Rider
  • Bow of the Moon Rider
  • Lion Drape of the Moon Rider
  • Tail of the Moon Rider
  • Lion Quiver of the Moon Rider
  • Fluted Guard of the Moon Rider
  • Andalmere the Litigon

Moon Rift

  • Moon Rift Bow
  • Moon Rift Style
  • Moon Rift Quiver
  • Moon Rift Bracers
  • Moon Rift Pauldrons
  • Moon Rift Drape
  • Moonrift

Moonshard Overgrowth

  • Moonshard Claws
  • Moonshard Tusks
  • Moonshard Roots
  • Canopy of the Moonshard

Birot's Bindings

  • Birot's Bracers of Dignity
  • Birot's Crests of Dignity
  • Birot's Helm of Dignity

Direstone Bindings

  • Direstone Crests
  • Direstone Bracers
  • Direstone Crown
  • Direstone Pauldrons

Luminary of the Dreadful Abyss

  • Thrashers of the Dreadful Abyss
  • Tendrils of the Dreadful Abyss
  • Spines of the Dreadful Abyss

Shards of the Falling Comet

  • Crests of the Falling Comet
  • Crown of the Falling Comet
  • Armlets of the Falling Comet

Bindings of Frost

  • Frost Shard Crown
  • Frost Shard Pauldrons
  • Frost Shard Armlets

Shards of Polymorphia

  • Crown of Polymorphia
  • Pauldrons of Polymorphia
  • Bracers of Polymorphia
  • Crests of Polymorphia

Radiant Crystal Bindings

  • Radiant Crystal Bracer
  • Radiant Crystal Crests
  • Radiant Crystal Crown
  • Radiant Crystal Pauldrons

Splendor of the Protean Emperor

  • Crown of the Protean Emperor
  • Ornaments of the Protean Emperor
  • Pauldrons of the Protean Emperor
  • Bracers of the Protean Emperor
  • Spikes of the Protean Emperor

Murder of Crows

  • Murder Mask
  • Pauldron Perch
  • Talon Edge
  • Gauntlet of Dark Feathers
  • Armor of the Black Bird
  • Dendi Doll
  • The Crow Eater

The Mysterious Vagabond

  • Mysterious Vagabond's Concoction
  • Mysterious Vagabond's Hat
  • Mysterious Vagabond's Pack
  • Mysterious Vagabond's Wand

Mystic Coils

  • Mystic Coils Tail
  • Mystic Coils Wings
  • Mystic Coils Antennae

Mystic Instruments of Tang-Ki

  • Tang-Ki Scepter Off-Hand
  • Serpent Ward of Tang-Ki
  • Accursed Scrolls of Tang-Ki
  • Tang-Ki Scepter
  • Possessed Shrine of Tang-Ki
  • Ornate Headdress of Tang-Ki

Outcast of the Deep

  • Trophies of the Outcast
  • Corset of the Outcast
  • Dagger of the Outcast
  • Helm of the Outcast
  • Spear of the Outcast

The Slithereen Knight

  • Might of the Slithereen Knight
  • Bite of the Slithereen Knight - Off-Hand
  • Helm of the Slithereen Knight
  • Breastplate of the Slithereen Knight
  • Tail of the Slithereen Knight

Woodland Outcast

  • Beard of the Woodland Outcast
  • Stature of the Woodland Outcast
  • Pack of the Woodland Outcast
  • Pride of the Woodland Outcast
  • Petals of the Woodland Outcast
  • Oak of the Woodland Outcast

Lich Master Necromancer

  • Lich Sleeves of the Master Necromancer
  • Lich Guise of the Master Necromancer
  • Lich Scythe of the Master Necromancer
  • Lich Robe of the Master Necromancer

Nether Lord's Regalia

  • Nether Lord's Bracer
  • Nether Lord's Belt